Since the early 90’s I’ve used cannabis to help me get to sleep. Long story short, I have major PTSD from an earthquake in 1994 and since those days after the ordeal, I have utilized cannabis to help me fight my insomnia, but also to assist in getting me back to a normal way of life, by mellowing my anxiety and stress out. Unfortunately, back in the 1990’s there wasn’t the ability to choose between sativa’s and indica’s. No, you’d get what you get and you were happy if it got you high, as it was still illegal and hard to obtain. This left me smoking bowl after bowl some nights, only to have my mind race from some sort of Mystery Haze super sativa. I myself find indica’s to give me the heavy sedation needed to obtain quality sleep. Sativa’s seem to provide me with too much energy to turn my ADHD brain off at night. If I smoke a landrace sativa, I’ll find myself attempting to remember who won the 2001 NBA Championship, at 2 am as I’m staring at the ceiling while in bed. So below I’ve come up with a list below of 3 of my favorite indica’s that I recommend for getting a good nights rest.

1. Obama Kush (Clone Only Daughter of Indica Afghani): When I first tasted the Obama about 10 years ago it instantly became one of the top 3 strains I had ever sampled in my life. From potency and pungency, I was absolutely blown away by what the Obama Kush was capable of.  And once I grew her for the next 7 years, she became my favorite strain for needing sleep but the favorite strain to battle insomnia for literally 100% of the medical patients and family members I grew for. On so many occasions I would hear “Your Obama is the only strain that puts me to sleep.” Many times it was a positive compliment but occasionally it was from a scared patient, who couldn’t handle the deep, narcotic stone that came along with smoking her. At the end of the day, she will always be the Queen of the Castle in my head stash, when it comes to finding quality sleep or rest and for her delicious skunky grape flavor.


2. Grand Daddy Purple aka GDP (Purple Urkle X Big Bud): The GDP was one of the first amazing strains I tried in my youth that I will never forget. On a trip to Arcata, CA (Humboldt County) my Uncle introduced me to this amazing and potent strain. After my first hit, I was a true believer but also a sleepy bastard. This one hitter quitter had me begging for water to alleviate my cotton mouth as I laid comfortably on his leather couch with strong cherry and diesel notes all over my taste buds. I recall the sounds of Jethro Tull and Rush playing over the Technics sound system and all I remember after that was me waking up to the sounds of “Stairway to Heaven” and a deep craving for Mexican Food. To this day If I find I good sample, I will always pull the trigger in order to help quell my insomnia and pain. Also, Tacos are still my munchie of choice.

grand daddy purple

3. Dogwalker OG (Albert Walker OG X Chemdawg 91): Since hitting the market a few years back, the Dogwalker has become one of my favorite go-to smokes when needing a good night’s sleep. When grown properly this strain will seriously put you down with one or two good hits and give you that “I need to go lay down” feeling. I’d describe her aroma as very earthy with a hint of woods and musk. I imagine it would probably remind you of driving through the forest after hitting a skunk. Strong and heavy, this is a smoke that I would not mess with before an important meeting.


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