When it comes to Oregon strains, I find them to be more on the citrus and haze side vs. say pine or diesel. This could just be a biased opinion based on my limited experiences, but it’s what I’ve noticed. However, the other day I found a strain at my local dispensary that was not only a true Oregonian strain but some straight gas, Oregon Diesel. The Oregon Diesel is an indica dominant hybrid that combines Sour Diesel and Blackberry Kush and was bred by Homegrown Natural Wonders specifically for the Pacific Northwest climate. I was able to find it for $25USD an eighth at my shop so I decided to take a chance.

At first glance, the Oregon Diesel looks very similar to Sour Diesel only a little darker with more hints of purple than the Sour D. These nugs were nice and dense with a heavy coating of amber trichomes and breathtaking calyxes. Once I popped the top of the jar I was hit with deep diesel notes along with a tiny touch of berries and pine. Within seconds of opening her, the room smelled like a gas station. I could tell this sample had something different and I was ready to take her for a spin. We decided to roll her up and once in the grinder I could smell much more of her pine and skunk back, but the diesel was still prevalent. After lighting her up I could instantly taste her diesel flavor but it was the pine and skunk that was getting me. It reminded me of early bags of chronic I would pay $20USD a gram for, back in the San Fernando Valley in the 1990s. This was truly a walk down memory lane with all the different flavors and aromas. As for the strength, I loved the Oregon Diesel as it gave me a nice heavy stone after 2 or 3 good hits. It wasn’t a narcotic high but a solid head and body stone that had me lifted for a good hour without feeling tired. For my tolerance level that’s impressive.

At the end of the day, I was extremely pleased with the Oregon Diesel and in terms of taste and pungency, I gave her an easy 9.5/10 as I went back and purchased another jar a day later, based solely off the flavor. Potency wise, I gave it a 9.2/10 as her strength is heavy and helped me immensely in terms of pain and stress relief. I would not hesitate to grab some if you can find her.


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