Knockout OG is an indica-leaning hybrid I got from a local dispensary called 20 Cap Normandie. Knockout OG is one of their best hybrid strains so I wanted to give it a try. This shop was a recommendation from a friend that I knew had good taste in a lot of things, especially weed. Knockout OG seemed like the heavy hitting indica-dominant hybrid I was beginning to get used to and I was excited to see what the effects would be like. Knockout OG behaves very much like a pure sativa when consumed. The buzz goes straight to the head and pretty much stays there, so patients looking to treat debilitating physical issues like inflammation, pain, cramps, muscle tension, etc. should look for another strain. Otherwise, Knockout OG may be perfect for a casual smoke sesh and should definitely be on your list when stocking up for 4/20.

Knockout OG is dense and sticky but easy enough to break up with the hands. A grinder would be best for more even consistency in the flower for rolling. The bud is dark green with mainly purple hairs and a smattering of orange hairs. The smell reminds me of that classic edible smell. It smells like pot brownies without the chocolate. The smell is very strong so if you’re concerned about discretion because of work or children, this strain isn’t for you.

The first time I tried this strain I also had a strawberry cake edible from the same shop, and there were a few blunts in rotation, so it was hard to gauge whether I slept so hard because of the bud or the cake. I tried Knockout OG again the next morning as part of a wake and bake to re-evaluate the effects.

Knockout OG is a strain that’s great for starting the day. It all depends on your tolerance level, but this strain isn’t too heavy to the point where you’ll need to go to sleep soon after using it. It does give quite the case of munchies. I’d use this strain before going to an all you can eat sushi place or some other buffet. I have a fairly high tolerance and found Knockout OG to be a strain I could puff on throughout the day without getting too lazy to actually complete anything.

After a few days of consistently using Knockout OG I found myself benefiting more from larger doses than smaller. Joints didn’t seem to have much of an effect, even if I smoked two in a row, versus sharing a blunt with one to two other people. I got a more appropriate amount of the relaxing and anxiety-reducing effects when smoking blunts. I like the Knockout OG strain, but I think my tolerance is too high to sustain long term usage of a strain like this. This strain would be great for beginners or those new to cannabis looking for something mild to try. Don’t let the name scare you. Knockout OG only causes drowsiness in heavy doses. This strain is great for any time of day. Try it out and let me know how you like it!

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