The Acapulco Gold strain is a legendary and well-known cannabis strain that very well may be the best cannabis strain ever created. Acapulco Gold comes from the areas in and around Acapulco, Mexico. Although Acapulco Gold is becoming a bit more difficult to find, it is definitely worth the intensive search for this elusive and delicious strain. Sought after by celebrities, connoisseurs and newbies alike, today we are going to take an in-depth look at all you need to know about the Acapulco Gold strain and why you need to have it in your life!

Acapulco Gold hasn’t been two well documented, with only one of its parent strains being known: a sativa called Mexican. The Acapulco Gold strain features dense buds covered in gold hairs. The beautiful mixture of colors: green, brown, and gold, is pleasing to the eye and makes the bud look like little golden nuggets of perfection. The scent of toffee, pine, citrus, and some earthy notes make this bud a tasty smoke. It’s not harsh at all and leaves a pleasant charred toffee taste behind. In the same way roasted marshmallows taste good, this tastes amazing. Acapulco Gold would be a great strain for baking edibles and other sweet pastries.

Despite its status as a luxury strain, Acapulco Gold is also extremely beneficial as a medicinal cannabis strain, with THC levels maxing out at 23% and a minimum of 15%, it boasts many potential benefits. The effects of Acapulco Gold are said to makes consumers happy, uplifted, creative, euphoric, and energetic. Some of the medical uses for this dynamite strain include stress, depression, fatigue, lack of appetite, pain, and more! Sufferers of disorders such as General Anxiety Disorder or PTSD use this strain to find relief from stress and anxiety. The only con I can come up with concerning this strain is the inevitable dry mouth that comes with many other cannabis strains. This isn’t enough to dock any points from Acapulco Gold’s high ranking.

Originating from Acapulco in Mexico, this mouth-watering sativa is often associated with exotic climates and luxurious, hot conditions. For this reason, the Acapulco Gold strain is harder to get hold of now than ever before, with more people growing it inside where the conditions are difficult to replicate. When grown indoors, the Acapulco Gold strain flowers for 70-75 days. Just as popular now as it was in the 60s, this landrace strain even went on to be named as one of the greatest strains of all time by High Times Magazine in 2014!

Acapulco Gold is a delicious, gourmet strain to be embraced by everyone from newbies to the best cannabis connoisseurs around. Smoke a joint or use Acapulco Gold in your next batch of toffee cookies. It’s sure to be scrumptious either way! This mythic sativa landrace is one of the crowned jewels of cannabis culture, arguably the greatest sativa to flower in the entire world. It may make you hungry, sleepy, and a bit lazy, but Acapulco Gold is as good as it gets!

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