When I started dabbing regularly, I had the most difficult time discerning strains. The intensity of the vapor and the fast headrush of highs every time hit me equally as hard. My main dabbing buddy also prefers indicas in the evening, so naturally the strong highs were just the heavy cloud to put me into a dreamless, deep sleep.

Since my tolerance to potent wax has increased, my flavor palate and ability to tune into the physiological effect difference. The brand Illuminati has a Sour OG wax that strikes a great balance between sativa and indica, and would make an excellent introductory strain to dabs. Bred from Sour Diesel and OG Kush, the wax is sticky and somewhat fruity. Upon inhale, the fruity scent became pretty overwhelmed by the woodsy, kush-heavy taste.

The average review of Sour OG speaks strongly to its fast acting, powerful properties, as one hit is usually all it takes. This is especially true of dabs, and with the Sour OG wax, even at my advanced tolerance, had me feeling the headrush a little too fast. Luckily, I was sitting on the corner of my friend’s bed and was able to lay down after taking a few too many hearty dabs of this strain. That fast energy, if smoked in excess, can turn on you and into paranoia, but thankfully, those experiences quickly faded as the bodily effects kick in, putting me in a markedly better mood, loosening and relaxing the limbs. The first half of the high may have you feeling a little more talkative than usual, so enjoy this strain socially with a good friend with whom you can really be yourself.

Illuminati’s wax had my lungs feeling a little parched, so I recommend trying the wax in a few short bursts, and testing those sensations before going back for more. I would say this strain in small amounts is great for chill socializing, and the more of it is inhaled, the readier you ought to be for bedtime. All users agree that as a mood enhancer, Sour OG is a pretty safe bet. If you take too many hits though, just ride the wave and know eventually you’ll reach a place of calm.

It has been noted as an appetite stimulant, and that (for me, unfortunate) side effect had me digging through the pantry to find some carb to smother peanut butter all over.

Wax in general is not for the faint of heart- even having a rig setup with the torch and stem will look pretty extreme to novice users… doubling that direct delivery method with this fast-acting strain makes this less than ideal for those just learning about their cannabis preferences. But for the advanced smoker looking to try out a wax? Illuminati’s Sour OG is worth trying half a gram.

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