Luckily, we are seeing a paradigm shift of acceptability of body art in mainstream society. It’s even cooler that this shift is taking place at the same time that cannabis is being embraced by the nation. If you’re looking to make your love of cannabis permanently noted on your body, there’s no shortage of inspiration all over Instagram.

There’s lots of design flexibility in the iconic 5-leafed plant, whether you add a “third” eye, or reinvigorate the colors, you can’t really go wrong with a not-so-classic pot leaf. If you’re looking for a bong (née water pipe) design, then you’re a real one and I have a ton of respect for you. I was surprised by the amount of artistry in bong designs which made me rethink what sort of images would make a good stoner tattoo. Joint tattoos are some of my favorites, because the shape makes it a convenient way to acknowledge your cannabis love in a slightly more discrete manner, not to mention the artistic opportunities in recreating the perfect curl of smoke. I was also impressed by the amount of nug artwork- I don’t think of the bud itself as being the prettiest botany, but the ability of some artists to make them look adorable and downright tasty is fantastic. Pinup babes are about as classic as tattoo designs come, and there are plentiful “weed women” inked on flesh in this hashtag. Of course, one can expect some amazing tributes to characters who are not confirmed cannabis users, but could definitely be considered stoners without too much of a believable stretch. I personally am a huge fan of witchy vibes, crystal energy, and Wiccan practice, so any tattoo incorporating mysticism and cannabis is going to catch my eye. The heavily detailed, totally realistic tattoos don’t translate well for me, and didn’t quite make my list. I generally feel that realistic tattoos are holding too high of an expectation, when the canvas of skin changes, grows, shrinks, and stretches. It is far more amenable to a stylized art.

If I were designing my own cannabis featured tattoo, which I just may one day, I would incorporate the best of all of these elements. Perhaps a graceful looking mermaid, behind her, a geometric pyramid with a small, flowering bud at the top, her holding a joint in one hand and perhaps a crystal ball in the other.

Here are some excellent designs to mull over in between now and your next tattoo appointment, tagged #WeedTattoos on Instagram.

This little nug looks ripe with its purple leaves.

A magical pair of hands, joint at the ready.

Passing the blunt is a Godly act.

One hit and BOOM!

With her on your arm, you’ll always have a smoking buddy.

Simple but powerful.

Imagine sitting on your bong every day. It’s a lifestyle.

Nothing but good energy here.

Always watching, always open.

You know deep down Pooh likes a little smoke before getting into the honey.

A good source of love to keep near your heart.

How else would you show interplanetary visitors a good time?

Step 1: roll, step 2: light.

Smoke the rainbow.

A popular design on lots of different body parts… because cannabis is universal, and nature is the source.

Cartoony and cute.

Who says water pipes are gross?

Nothing lights up her eyes like a puff.

She’s sexy, but so are the greens.

Dive in headfirst!

Coochie Kopie also always gave me nug vibes.

Such a gorgeous, sleep interpretation of a the stem, bud and leaf!

She may be a flapper, but she can still outsmoke you.

From ground to hand.

Mother Mary… Jane?


Nails? Done. Joint? Lit.

Can you guess what their 2 favorite plants are?

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