Stoned yoga is one of my favorite activities! There’s nothing better than taking a big hit for your “inhale” at the top of a session, and taking another satisfying hit as a reward after completing a challenging pose. Living in LA, there are likely classes available to me where I could engage in this wonderful version of the practice, but yoga classes ain’t cheap, and neither is weed. I hope to one day try a full blown, bougie experience of a cannabis inclusive yoga retreat at some point in my life. Instead, I opt for a “private” lesson in the comfort of my home, with the convenience of YouTube. Why not generate a little extra flexibility and energy while getting high?

Whether these instructors advocate for cannabis personally is not something I can attest to. Regardless, these are my favorite channels that go great with your favorite active and/or relaxing strain of cannabis.

Ganja Yoga isn’t the best quality of YouTube yoga, with only a few uploads (being only about a year old), but I think it’s positive to support outlets that are attempting actually bring these interests together. The few substantial practices available are calming and basic, good for beginners, nice and slowly paced for to easily smoke alongside.


Yoga With Minelli has beautiful, long-form practices uploaded, all edited well, with mood-vibing music. She actually smokes on camera for her Cannabis Enhanced series, which is great for a sense of unity even though you’re not in the same room. I love her slow pace, great for really receiving the maximum benefit from her stretches, mental and physical.


Boho Beautiful has lovely, well produced yoga sessions, with lovely intentions and energies to set. Although I will say, she seems to move a little quickly for the less advanced, even in the beginner videos. I really love her visuals and and definitely feel stronger while smoking a bowl.


Gayatri Yoga Channel is not for the faint of heart, and the beginner videos on this channel are well advised to do before the others. However, I have yet to find another long form yoga channel with videos over an hour long, with informed instruction that challenges students.


Pysche Truth has different teachers with different purposes, guiding challenging but engaging yoga videos. Many are focused on toning and fat burning, but all are easy to follow. The instructors are helpful about reminding which muscles to engage. I have broken a sweat on many of these videos, so maybe a sativa for the workouts, and an indica for the pain relief is the best way to enjoy cannabis with this channel.

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