Welcome to Part 2 of 2 of your April 2019 Cannastrology Horoscope, stargazers!


July 23 – August 22

Communication is muddled, take some time from trying to mediate and work externally. Issues from the previous retrograde may find you feeling sensitive again. It may be time to address some of these insecurities. There should be some good opportunities for healing, change the habits that aren’t doing you any good! These changes take time, so don’t rush yourself. If you suspect people in your life are being dishonest with you, don’t be afraid to confront them. Your passion for self improvement may aid others, Leo! The April strain for you could be Oregon Lemons. The balanced hybrid tastes of green tea, lemongrass, and a gentle high good for calming the mind, while bringing it out of a low funk.


August 23 – September 22

You may be feeling some stress in your personal relationships, Virgo. It may be best to not pry and pile on, be as empathetic as you can. The new moon can refresh passion in that relationship, and also give reason to change things that have been bothering you, whether it’s guilt or impatience. Talk to your mentors and add some details to plans you have in the works. The start of the month was quiet, but the end will be ideal for deep, philosophical talks with friends. You could benefit from smoking Afgoo, a great social indica with lots of myrcene that evokes feelings of warmth and love. The relaxing high is perfect for bonding.


September 23 – October 23

You’ve been feeling disorganized and spread thin lately, Libra! Thankfully, you’re great at taking things one day at a time, in stride and balance. You’re feeling creative, channel that energy. Saying yes to a lot can make you happy, but will also exhaust you and your already thinning resources. Experiencing power struggles with people you’re close with is likely, and a mediator may be necessary. Trust that another party can keep things from being said that are not meant. Embrace your emotions and express your frustration, it’s ok to do so. Unexpected expenses and costs can be incurred, so reach out to those you can count on for help. Jillybean is a hybrid for a high-energy high, abundant in the terpene limonene. You’ll get the giggles, Libra, but won’t become recklessly lax. Great for taking the edge off in this busy month.


October 23 – November 21

You’ve been feeling bored, maybe even self-pitying recently, Scorpio. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to feel better, you don’t need to “fix” everything, just center yourself. You may need an outside perspective to remind you that relationships evolve, but you may not be able to see yourself if they have become unhealthy. This month is ideal for getting some things done you’ve been putting off, so make them a reality! Allow epiphanies to show you what it is you want, so you’re not misread or mislabeled. Rest, sleep, get the alone time you’ve been craving. Try a sedating indica, ideal for putting insomnia to bed, Scorpio. Ogre is sweet, but heavy enough that you’ll be able to physically feel tension released from your body.


November 22 – December 21

It’s been an emotional, confusing time for Sagittarius. This month, connect with your family and friends to clear some of that confusion on the homefront. Ideal time for a new creative project! You’ll be hustling, because you have to, but try not to let it kill your spirit. Be careful of making promises you can’t keep, you’re already under enough pressure. Appreciate the material things you really love, while clearing out some that hold you back. Don’t become the center of drama, defend your honor. Your friend group may change, and that’s ok! Some positive, but uncomfortable change wraps up your April, so be ready for it and embrace it. Querkle is an interestingly diverse strain that uplifts and energizes some, while acting as a strong sleep aid for others. It can be agreed upon, however, that the wave of mental tranquility will be good for relaxing the anxious onslaught of thoughts, Sag.


December 22 – January 19

People have been stressing you out with using you as a sounding board, Cap, and it’s taught you a lot. Resist the urge to make fun, though, could be more hurtful. Being so needed means you may have to redefine limitations. Temptation of losing yourself in romance will be strong, but you’ll be needed as a leader, so don’t shirk responsibilities. Keep the secrets you’re told! Allow yourself to regain some lost self esteem, while continuing to show support for friends. It may be a chance for a deep, loving talk. Important progress will happen, and you deserve to have people to share it with. Lemon Kush is a mild strain, heavy with CBD, known to pull anyone out of bad mood, perfect for interacting with others when you especially don’t feel like it.


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