Welcome to Part 1 of 2 of your April 2019 Cannastrology Horoscope, stargazers!


January – February 18

Feeling uncertainty in your finances, thus your self esteem and stability also take a hit. Try not to make too many major decisions or life changes this month, figure out what you really care about before putting pressure on yourself for it. If you’re patient, and don’t give into the consumerist urges you may have. The answers to your problems lie within yourself. Presenting your work to the world mid-April will have lots of people talking about your project! You’re going through some changes right now, Aquarius, and it’s healthy to address that restlessness. Be your own person, but remember people love you. Don’t ignore the signals! This month, try the strain Cherry Pie, an indica dominant hybrid for a creative high and clear head, but be very careful to talk to your budtender about avoiding strains that may increase your tendency for paranoia.


February 19 – March 20

Early this month, your skills of reading situational subtext will aid you, but maybe turn those gut feelings inward and ask what yourself what you need. Good time to defend self if you’re being questioned or doubted, as well as a good window for reaching out to others for help. Although your suitors are smitten with you, Pisces, don’t abandon your platonic friends. Work will be exciting this month, and take advantage of the networking opportunities, but take all good news with a grain of salt. Check in with these friendships to make sure their ideals align with yours. The sativa strain Grapefruit may be beneficial to you! It’s as tasty as its namesake, and will decrease stress by heightening your good mood and energy.


March 21 – April 19

Sun in your sign to start, new beginnings with new moon. Makeovers, home improvement, new goals – fresh energy for it. May have to fix some misunderstandings carried from retrograde. Trust your intuition this month. Balance listening to advice of friends and making yourself heard. Love’s energy is strong for you, either creating some chemistry for you and the object of your affection, or for yourself! Advocate for yourself at work, but stay organized and harmonized with your peers. Treat your relationships with authenticity, they will know if you’re being disingenuous. This month’s energy wants you to make sure your patterns aren’t creating problems that they shouldn’t as sun leaves your sign. The sativa Lamb’s Bread brings about an uplifting mood that keeps one present. It’s perfect for meditating, or sharing with new friends.


April 20 – May 20

Entering your sign this month, gearing up for some major life changes! Will want to be your low-energy self at start. Take time to introspect yourself and process changes in your friend groups. Journal, draw, or even just tidy up- you need to find motivation. Seek it from those who inspire you, talk to those people. You don’t want the runaround, you want these talks to be direct and honest. You’ve been seeking promises on delivery on some plans you’ve wanted to happen greatly, and give your trust only when it is deserved. Pucker is a popular strain for exhaustion, which you’re known to succumb to, Taurus. If you need that extra push, take a deep breath of Pucker to inhale some motivation. Dose carefully though, paranoia can creep in!


March 21 – April 19

This month should not be geared toward organization and solutions, but creativity and ideas. Important time for work pursuits. You love new social groups, and this month you’ll add another to the roster. With retrograde over, you can use your charm to fix tense situations that arose. Separate wild fantasies from achievable goals and focus on those. Those who want to control you will try, so be aware of those relationships. Even when you’re tired, you still crave the attentions of others, so you can bet you’ll keep meeting new social circles. If the crazed energy wrapping up the month overwhelms you, take some time to restructure your priorities, Gemini. Maui Strawberry provides an active high, prime for activities and fun times with friends, while managing stress.


June 21 – July 22

Stresses of school or work, travel have been hard on you, Cancer. This month, explore what ideas you have for your long term goals and big picture. Heed your sign and find water to have a deep talk with yourself or someone you love. You’re starting anew in areas of your life, so stay grounded, a challenge for water signs. Expect to feel opened up to adventure, while minding responsibilities. Don’t let those tasks pile up though, you love to say “yes” and overextend yourself. Be aware of jealousy in your friends, and alternatively passion in your love life. You may want to set some boundaries. Although it seems like a lot, roll with the punches and these changes won’t be so scary. With this being such a busy, transformative month, Cancer, you’ll want to smoke something that optimizes productivity. Kali Mist is award winning, and beloved by artists for creative boosts, but must be done gradually to avoid paranoia or light psychedelia (not the mood when you’re getting things done).

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