My background is in music; I listen to a lot of it, I love it and have recently begun making playlists at a higher rate than usual. So I thought I’d share some of it since curating music seems to be spilling out of me the last few days.

There’s benefit in it for you aside from just pretty sounds; music can positively affect neuroplasticity, create peak emotional experiences, increase your attention span, and improve your memory, lol. Not to mention that it’s enjoyable. If you want to get even more benefit, pick up an instrument, or learn one.

I’ve discovered some artists I was previously unaware of, and would like to share with you. The music is good; you don’t need to be high to enjoy it, but if you smoke, you might hear more. The videos for some of these are gorgeous as well.

1) ‘Earth Girls’, Jesse Boykins III.

One of my favorite tracks right now. Beautiful melody, solid bass, soul. Jesse Boykins III is a Jamaican-American singer songwriter from Chicago, Illinois, who relocated to Miami and later to Brooklyn. He graduated from the New School in New York and released his first EP in 2008, called Dopamine; My Life on My Back.

2) Look Up, Nightmares on Wax

George Evelyn (Nightmares on Wax) is a producer and DJ from Leeds, England. He’s signed to Warp Records. He released his first album in 1991, and started through having a general interest in hip hop and learning to break dance.

3) Everything to Me, Empress Of

Lorely Rodriguez is Honduran- American and is a musician, producer, singer and songwriter native to Los Angeles. Her stage name was inspired by a tarot card reading. She studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and currently lives in Brooklyn. Her first single, ‘Champagne’, was released in 2012.

4) To You, Andy Shauf

Andy Schauf is a Canadian songwriter influenced by 70’s rock. His album, The Party, is one of my favorite records. His first album was released in 2009.

5) You Make Me Feel Good, Satin Jackets

A nice light track to finish. Tim Bernhardt formed Satin Jackets in 2012, having already explored music for the two preceding decades. Satin Jackets is his ode to his love of disco as well as a departure from his previously underground sound to create something polished. He describes it as being the musical equivalent of a fashion magazine cover and makes it with the intention that it feels good.


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