One of my favorite things to do is house sit for my cousin. She has two (2) beautiful cats that love to cuddle. Her upstairs neighbors, unlike mine, are so quiet you can’t even tell there’s anyone living above her. She also lives in a really beautiful part of our city. But my absolute favorite part is that she is 420-friendly.

When house sitting becomes a mini vacation

Unfortunately, getting paid to housesit is the only way I can afford to take a vacation right now. Yes, I am there to take care of my cousin’s cats, but they’re very low-maintenance. I feed them twice a day, cuddle when they’re in the mood, and play when they get that wild look in their eye. Other than that, I’m free to do whatever I want.

Cannabis is part of my self-care routine

As I mentioned earlier, my cousin is 420-friendly. So when I’m at my house getting everything ready to go, I make sure to pack my smoking equipment: cannabis, my giant fleece blanket, my favorite bong, my Hemplight lighter with hemp wick, and my silver tongs. Sometimes I’ll bring my ashtray along, but usually, I use an empty cup or soda can while I’m there.

Then, when I get to my cousin’s house, the first thing I do is say hello to the cats (of course). Afterward, I unpack and set up my smoking equipment. I fill my bong with cold water from the tap and then place it, as well as my lighter and tongs, on her glass top coffee table. I put my still-folded blanket on her couch, but that doesn’t get used until after I’ve ordered food.

Because my cousin pays me to housesit, any money I earn for the weekend is spent on food. Typically, I download the UberEats app and order whatever I want. No bickering with my husband about what he wants; no worrying about whether or not I’m making smart money choices; and, best of all, no driving. Which means I can get high while I wait for my food to arrive. However, there are times — usually when I’m staying for more than two (2) nights, where I’ll buy food from the grocery store before I go to my cousin’s. But that’s not very common.

Once my food arrives, I go back up to my cousin’s apartment and — if I’m not already wearing them — I change into my comfy clothes. What I do next depends on how I’m feeling, and whether or not I decided to bring my laptop along with me. If I have my laptop, I get online and play Heroes of the Storm or Armello with my friends. If I left my laptop at home, I post up on the couch and watch Netflix or Hulu.

Then, I get as high as I possibly can and relax for the rest of the night. If my high starts to fade, I simply take another toke; rinse and repeat.

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