Since I’ve started smoking pot, I’ve noticed that I am able to sort things out in a way that I wasn’t able to before. My energy becomes very focused, and I feel sometimes as though I’m able to sense what other people are thinking and feeling. I also understand things in much greater depth than I’d be able to without it. Regardless of whether the possibilities I find myself exploring through the experience are accurate,  the point is that they occur to me to begin with, and then once I’m fine, it’s possible to come to a reasonable conclusion.

I’m not the only person who’s experienced this…inquiries have been made into the phenomenon of becoming ‘woke’ after consuming cannabis on a regular basis, and there are cannabis brands that use the concept in their marketing campaigns.

6th Sense

Depending on how you use it, weed can enhance meditation practices, and increase spiritual awareness. Not everyone will experience it this way, but if you use it conscientiously it can have an awesome effect on your sense of awareness. There have even been reports of feeling as though cannabis can create a sense of ESP, or extrasensory perception, which is basically being psychic. Being psychic is essentially just an increased concentration of what most people experience as having a sixth sense. Cannabis can enhance this special awareness, although I’ve found that it’s important to take breaks and keep yourself tethered to reality by a) staying in touch with people believe in exactly none of this, and b) by just taking THC breaks.

There have actually been books written on the subject. An article in Merry Jane mentions a book by a man named Dr. Charles Tart, called On Being Stoned, which was written in 1971. In it, he finds that most pot smokers believe in the supernatural or having psychic abilities. A passage from the book illustrates the following, and what seems like a reasonable perspective: “Either marijuana use affects judgment such that a large number of ordinary experiences are judged to be paranormal, or there is a very high incidence of paranormal phenomena associated with marijuana use, or both.” Lol. To be fair, anything related to the supernatural or anyone having special abilities is considered to be pseudo-science, so there isn’t too much research to back these claims except for those coming from stoners. Which is fine. It’s still fun.


If you’re trying to increase your intuition through weed, the best thing to do a) consume THC, b) maybe meditate or c) just focus on your thoughts. If you’re naturally analytical, then you’ll have an absolute field day. You’ll sort out explanations for people’s behavior, finally understand the things your friends have been trying to explain to you for actual years, be able to find answers for your self that you’d never be able to reach in an unaltered state of mind, get in tune with a sense of spirituality, and feel more. (Granted, this is based only on personal experiences. Cannabis doesn’t affect everyone the same way. We all have differing body chemistry, and what might seem exceptional to one person may feel hellish to another.)

An important note. Beware of overly frequent consumption if it ever starts to feel a little scary. Increasing intuition is one thing. Feeling scared or hallucinating is another and if you’re experiencing that, you should go see a doctor, because that’s your brain being like, “Um…we need a break.”

You can have completely magical experiences stoned, especially in the right environment, activities, and with the right people. You can also use it to enhance creative and physical performance, which can be both completely amazing and mind opening.

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