This week sees an appearance from LA Green Run, yet again, and another OG strain. Green Dragon OG is one of the many OG strains and one of the few I’ve reviewed. Green Dragon OG is a combination of two indicas. Afghani and Turkish Gummy create the fire known as Green Dragon OG. The resulting effects are: feeling uplifted, relaxed, creative, and talkative.


The first time I tried Green Dragon OG I rolled a blunt and didn’t spliff it. It was a bit harsh nonetheless. I had been feeling my eyelids grow steadily heavier. After choking through the entire blunt I settled in for the resulting euphoric, yet calming high. It was very mellow and not overwhelming at all. It’s a particularly great experience. I would recommend this for new cannabis users who are looking to get into regular consumption. It’s also said that this strain is great for pain relief and management. Other medical uses include stress, nausea, insomnia, and cramps!

The first 30 minutes after I finished the blunt was the meditative stage where I spent most of the time with my eyes closed overthinking everything I’ve ever done in my life. The next two hours was a mixture of extreme energy, especially in the presence of music or close friends,— and steadily creeping fatigue. I also found the high to stimulate concentration. I found myself able to focus deeply on work activities with little effort. This concentration gets broken fairly easily, especially when distractions abound. In a distraction-free zone, however, I think this strain in small doses would be good for aiding focus.


Green Dragon OG isn’t too dense to break up with your hands, while still having enough substance to not crumble between your fingertips into a fine powder. Visually, it’s not very frosty. The nugs of Green Dragon OG are beautiful earth tones mixed with brighter jewel toned highlights. Once ground up it will leave a thin layer of kief on your fingers. It’s slightly sticky but not to the point where it makes your hands extremely sticky. Aside from the standard earthy and pine flavors, there’s a hint of mint to Green Dragon OG. It has an overall pleasant smell and flavor.


The effects of Green Dragon OG lasted about 4 hours. In this span of time, I ranged from relaxed, to very euphoric and alert, and gradually back to tired. I found my concentration to be a bit more stable as well. This, however, was also a Catch22. The chances are 50/50 of being able to focus on one thing for a long span of time, versus having the attention span of a flea. I found myself on both sides of that spectrum after using the Green Dragon OG strain over the course of a few days. I’m a big fan of indicas and this ranks highly on my list. Overall, I really dig it and think you guys should give it a chance. Another star is born in the OG family.

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