I won’t lie, I love a batch of some properly grown Cookies.

From the Forum Cut to the good old Thin Mint. The Girl Scout Cookies strain has produced some delicious flavors over the last few years. Known for it’s earthy, diesel tones, the cookies has produced its fair share of Cup winners and many awards for her potency as well as her pungency. And recently a good friend of mine from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California sent me some of his homegrown goodness which included an amazing sample of what he calls the GMO Cookies or what is also called the Garlic Cookies, which is known as a powerful indica-dominant cross between two famous strains: Chemdog and Girl Scout Cookies.

Now upon first glance, I was a little disappointed with the size of the buds as they were small popcorn size nuggets but the trichomes and overall look of the flowers were sheer beauty. Tiny Golden nuggets fully covered in crystals with absolutely no leaf to be seen whatsoever. You could tell these tiny nuggets where not to be taken lightly. Upon opening the bag I was met with deep diesel notes along with that Og kush lemon earthy goodness that I’ve come to know from the cookies strains. I didn’t really notice the garlic but I could smell her skunk tones and they were heavy to say the least.

I decided to try her out in my Mobius Matrix 16″ bong and upon breaking her up I could smell a lot more of her Kush notes and her skunkyness and on my first hit I was met with a full-flavored deliciousness reminiscent of the first Forum Cut I tasted over 5 years ago. Heavy diesel and lemon notes come together to create one of my favorite flavors of dank on my palette. Just heavy duty gas that once exhaled forces your eyes to close and instantly takes away your pain. This GMO Cookies cut is perfect in my opinion. One hitter quitter potency along with a flavor that you know is going to pack a punch right out of the bag.

Overall this was a special batch and I would give her potency a score of 9.6 as she had me putting the bong down after 1 hit. As for her flavor, I was taken aback by her deep flavors and I truly give her a score of 9.7 as she was up there with anything I’ve sampled in quite a while. While the nugs were smaller than I’m used to I still felt this GMO Cookies was award-winning worthy and had me smiling from ear to ear, well after my session. In closing, I think this strain would be perfect for anyone looking for help with not only pain relief but insomnia as I slept like a baby that night.

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