Old Pal is making another appearance in my rotation this week. They’re back with a strain called Hybrid, packaged in cute little 1/8 ounce sachets. So, of course, I bought 4 of them. This strain is literally called Hybrid. I was expecting another heavy hitter but this one was surprisingly mellow. If you want something conveniently portable, great for a slow building high, and inexpensive, Hybrid by Old Pal is the strain for you.


The first thing I noticed about this purchase is that each 1/8 ounce came packaged in their own reinforced Ziploc sachet. I did figure out how to open it this time a lot easier than my previous try with the bigger 1/2 ounce pack. A difference between Old Pal Hybrid and the Old Pal Blue Dream is that Hybrid did not come pre-ground. I was enthusiastic about this discovery because I found the pre-ground flower a bit too messy for in-home rolling. The pre-ground flower was an ingenious idea, but the execution just wasn’t good enough for me. It was way too powdery and full of little stems. Hybrid’s fluffy, pale green nugs and light orange hairs were a pleasant sight. For $60, it’s an inexpensive strain and a great alternative to the Old Pal pre-ground flower.

Hybrid contains 10.71% THC, so don’t expect to get heavily medicated or use this for chronic pain relief. I would, however, recommend this for anxiety relief. I found the smoke to result in a manageable high that helps to promote appetite, sleep, and an overall sense of wellbeing. The scent is very subtle and is pretty well contained in the packaging. It smells like something I can’t pinpoint exactly. I’m used to more potent smelling flower and was surprised when this strain didn’t leave the room dank upon opening the package.

The smoke is very light and not harsh at all. The resulting high is a calming but not overpowering sense of anxiety relief and general well-being. It promotes appetite and I would recommend this for those who deal with appetite problems or nausea, as well as insomia.


Old Pal “shareable flower” is an ode to simpler times. Coming in three varieties: sativa, indica, and hybrid, Old Pal is California’s cheapest cannabis and one of my new favorites for my basic everyday marijuana rotation. Old Pal boasts a simple philosophy of giving the people what they want: accessible, affordable, no frills, all-natural weed. “Old Pal is an ode to simpler times, when weed was just weed and joints were passed around to old pals and new ones. When neighbors knew each other by name and community meant something. So grab a bag of Old Pal and pass it around,” their site states. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I got my Old Pal from Kushagram delivery service but it’s accessible through other statewide services like Eaze, and more niche ones like Ganja Goddess, Green Rush, and Stoney App. To locate a delivery service near you, check out the Weedmaps app. Who will you share your Old Pal “shareable flower” with?

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