When it comes to growing Cannabis, keeping your garden pest free is essential.

From Spider Mites to Aphids, harmful insects are everywhere just waiting for their chance to destroy your precious plants. As soon as you slack they’ll catch you slipping and destroy your garden before you even know it. I’ve learned this the hard way on too many occasions because I let my guard down and assumed my garden was clean. Sadly, I was wrong. From organic pesticides to beneficial insects there are many ways to stay ahead of the game. Below I have put together a list of my favorite ways to help keep your garden pest free.

1.) Buy a Microscope : Every plant that enters your garden whether it is a clone you bring in from the outside or a seedling you sprout yourself, must be inspected for bugs as well as mold and other diseases. At any hydroponics store you can buy a scope for less than $20 USD and trust me, it is an investment worth every single penny. Make it a daily routine to not only inspect your plants and medium but also check your floors and doors every so often. Stay on top of it and do not slack or trust me, you will find beasties sooner than later.

pocket microscope

2.) Keep your garden clean : First and foremost, never enter your garden dirty. Always remove your shoes and if you’ve been in any area that may have had bugs (outside, a friends garden, garage etc.) remove your clothes as well. I know sometimes you’re in a rush and just want to get to your plants but believe me it is so simple to track in harmful pests and nasty germs that will leave you kicking yourself when you find a colony of spider mites has infected your garden. I used to have leaves on the floor and old nutrient bottles thrown in the corner. I’d slack on cleaning up water and nutrients that had spilled and it was just a case of me being a lazy stoner. Don’t be lazy ! As easy as it is to say it, you need to live it, especially in your sensitive garden. Clean up every time you’re in there no matter how stoned and tired you feel. Have disinfectant wipes and paper towels on hand and within reach, in order to clean up messes as soon as you get them. Letting them stick around can not only attract pests but harbor germs which can and will harm your plants. Lastly, always wear gloves. You can buy 50 pairs for $8 USD at Harbor Freight so you have no excuse. Do it.

3.) Natural and Organic Deterrents and Pesticides : There are so many natural and organic pest remedies on the market that are not harmful to you or your plants. Ideally, you need to be pro-active and stay ahead of any possible insects. If using soil you want to use beneficial insects such as ladybugs and Preying Mantis’ that can be purchased at your local garden supply stores at a price from $10-20 USD. They are amazing in not only eating any harmful pests in your garden but also helping to harbor a healthy soil environment. I also like to have sticky fly traps in each corner to catch pesky gnats and fly’s. These are usually less than $5 USD and safe to use around your plants and pets. Lastly, there are a few natural pesticides on the market such as Central Coast Hydroponics Green Cleaner and Flying Skull’s Nuke Em ($25 USD) that I have personally used that will not only do the trick but are also made using essential oils and citric acid that won’t leave you smoking chemicals when it’s harvest time. Just remember to be proactive and have a constant schedule every few weeks of spraying even if there are no bugs. And also never spray your flowers directly once they start blooming.


Flying Skull Nuke Em Organic Pesticide

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