Weddings have increasingly become an increasingly personalized celebration of love. Couples aren’t sticking to the traditional white wedding dress, tiered cake or Canon in D major processional song. Some are even celebrating their love with cannabis.

Forbes recently reported on a couple who incorporated cannabis into almost every aspect of their wedding. Dani Green and Zak Walton’s wedding included $8,000 worth of cannabis, most of which was donated, and took place in Monterey, Calif.

Cannabis leaves made their way into the bridal bouquets, groomsmen’s boutonnieres, to the dessert table. The couple offered medicated and non-medicated treats and was a smoke-friendly venue. According to Forbes, both Green and Walton use medical cannabis and say that smoking together is a big part of their relationship.

Others are picking up on the cannabis trend, most notably the Cannabis Wedding Expo (CWE) which is making its through weed-friendly cities across the U.S. The Los Angeles Cannabis Wedding Expo returned for its second year and featured cannabis vendors, wedding planners and cannabis-friendly venues.

According to the CWE’s website, the expo is focused on highlighting the elegance of cannabis using the acronym TACT, traditional, approachable, celebratory and transcending. Like many emerging cannabis businesses, CWE hopes to help dispel the “stoner stigma” around cannabis and make the product more approachable to a larger demographic.

The expo’s focus was to help canna-curious couples incorporate cannabis in a safe and fun way. Sponsors like dispensary, MedMen, and floral company, The Flower Daddy, showcased their products and spoke to couples at the L.A. expo in January.

Cities across the U.S. are also catering to cannabis-loving couples and adding personalized touches to their ceremonies. Leafly recently featured a cannabis bar option for couples getting married in Portland and Seattle by event planners, Bridal Bliss. In 2017, Bridal Bliss orchestrated a Middle Earth-themed wedding with a specially curated cannabis smoking area featuring Middle Earth pipes.

For those who missed the expo, there are still plenty of helpful articles with tips on how to incorporate weed into you wedding. Many cannabusinesses are willing to work with couples on custom favors – from pipes to edibles. Giving infused favors is a simple way to add cannabis to your wedding without having to worry about venue regulations.

For starters, opt for a cannabis-friendly venue that allows smoking and work with a planner who has experience in cannabis-related events. Rental venues may have varying regulations about smoking and cannabis usage. Since cannabis laws are still evolving, it’s best to check with the venue as well as the municipality in which you plan to hold your wedding.  

While smoking is a popular way to add a little green into your wedding, the dessert table is also an ideal place to add cannabis. Choose from pre-packaged treats or work with a cannabis bakery to make custom treats. Whichever option you choose, be sure to label all infused foods clearly and make sure that guests have the option to partake in non-medicated as well as cannabis-infused food and drinks.

But, most importantly, make it your own. Who knows, your wedding may be the most chill in history.

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