Ah, Valentine’s Day… the pressure is on to show your significant other you love them, or impress a new beau. Maybe you like to make big plans and use grand gestures to get that point across, but those also read as being far too extra for certain couples. Maybe you’re like me, and generally low maintenance- all you truly desire is to get exceedingly high and cuddle up on the couch with bae, binging some movies and laughing together, after having bought your love their favorite snacks, of course. With an element of romance, in addition to laughter or extreme trippiness and cool visuals, certain movies are just better after smoking a quality joint. These are my favorite movies streaming right now that I think are perfect for a Valentine’s get-high-on-the-couch date!

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Chasing Amy is a quintessential Kevin Smith flick, which automatically makes it a stoner film. While Mallrats is my preferred Smith romance genre, Chasing Amy has lots of weird observations and humor, and of course- the iconic Silent Bob lost-love monologue.

Mamma Mia may be a little too femme for everyone to enjoy, but if both of you jive to the classics of Abba, with sets and views for the eyes to feast on, this is a good choice.

Cloud Atlas is just a smidge on the long side for me (I generally believe a movie should try to stick to 2 hours or under), but will freak you out with all the crazy actor transformations! All the versions of Hugo Weaving are a trip, but hopefully the ending will of all the stories will touch your soul and maybe have to tearing up into the shoulder of your boo.

Memento is pretty dark, but a deeply romantic revenge themed mind-bender, that is such a good high movie! Except that if you’re not paying attention, you could miss some important details. If you can keep your mind about you enough to catch the details, the end is riveting.

Her will scare the hell out of you about where technology is headed, but will definitely bring about a deep appreciation for having a significant other that is not a non-corporeal artificial intelligence.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a near perfect movie. Spot on casting, hilarious from start to finish with lots of heart, banging visuals, and enjoyably so, the heroine is way more badass than the eponymous hero… not to mention her wicked exes.

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Annihilation is another long one with a big payoff. Incredible to look at, hard to understand, somewhat freaky, and definitely a tragic romance, this one is for my weirdo couples out there.

The Big Sick is based on the true experiences of an incredibly funny, witty stand up comedian couple, just starting to date when one is diagnosed with cancer. Touching but full of good laughs, this is a sweet one.

Brazil is so strange and wild, and has a very mysterious romance subplot, which is almost a necessity in dystopic future films as such. What else could you expect from Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam?

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Shrek is the purest, truest love story of my generation, and I wouldn’t take any other critique about it- have a little green with your green monster love story and really get into it, and each others’ swamp.

Amelie is so colorful, gorgeous and touching, I feel bad for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I personally feel like it’s a quote intimate romance, and should be reserved for someone for which you care deeply. But all the humor will amplify in its delightness with maybe a French-themed edible?

A Fish Called Wanda is the movie so funny, a man died of a heart attack while viewing it, and featuring an easily obsession-worthy Jamie Lee Curtis as everyone’s heartbreaker. I will never not be shocked and reeling from John Cleese’s striptease.


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