Buying CBD-infused products is a complicated process for me. As opposed to my low-tolerance for THC, I have an inversely high-tolerance for CBD. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I still don’t know why that’s the case. Regardless, it makes it hard for me to buy effective CBD-infused products online.

It seems like every company has their own guidelines for how they process, extract, and package their CBD. There are a bunch of resources online to help consumers ascertain which processing and extraction methods yield the most high-quality CBD; however, it’s still not regulated enough to ensure that consumers receive high-quality products.

Tommy Chong seems to like Diamond CBD so I thought I’d give it a try

When I first started exploring my options for online CBD-infused product retailers, I truly did not know where to start. Which is why I was a window shopper for quite a while before I finally decided to buy something.

I was catching up on the stories of the people I follow on Instagram when I came to Tommy Chong’s story feed. Yes, that Tommy Chong. In one of his story posts, he was promoting Diamond CBD and included an affiliate link that would get new customers 50% off any purchase plus free shipping. I was sold. I figured it was a low-risk, potentially high-reward opportunity, so I took it.

My first purchase was a small bag of CBD-infused “extreme strength” sour snakes (a.k.a., sour gummy worms). I won’t go into too much detail in this article, because I’d like to focus on the Daily Boost oil, but basically, I was pleased with my purchase.

Diamond CBD is constantly having sales on CBD-infused edibles and concentrates

When I was first exploring CBD as an option to help manage my chronic pain, I had purchased some 10mg capsules from a local store that only sells CBD-infused products. Although I had gotten some relief from the capsules, my high-tolerance for CBD made the capsules cost prohibitive. They were just too expensive for my personal needs and budget.

Then, right before the 4th of July last year, I received an email from Diamond CBD. To be clear, that wasn’t the first email I had received. I get sales-related emails from them almost every week. But, it was the first one I had received and had money to spend at the same time. They were promoting their Independence Day sale, which was actually very similar to the deal I’d gotten with Tommy Chong’s affiliate link: 50% everything in the store. Shipping wasn’t free, but the 50% discount was more than enough to pique my interest.

Daily Boost CBD Oil is packed with terpenes but needs more broad spectrum CBD

When I originally bought three (3) 1500mg (1ml) syringes of Daily Boost, I didn’t yet understand the significance of buying products with a high-volume of broad-spectrum CBD. So when I initially read that the syringes had 50mg of broad-spectrum of CBD, I didn’t really know what to think. I now know that “broad spectrum” CBD is — simply put — the most effective type of CBD oil. I don’t fully understand the science, but if I remember correctly, I think broad spectrum means that the CBD extract has more varieties of the cannabinoids that are required for CBD to be effective in the human body.

On the other hand, Daily Boost CBD oils do add terpenes from various cannabis strains to the oil mixture, which might make up for the fact that they use such a relatively small amount of broad-spectrum CBD.

Terpenes are the things that make weed smell a certain way. To name a few: limonen gives cannabis a lemony/citrusy smell and pinene makes cannabis smell earthy like pine trees. But terpenes aren’t just about the smell of cannabis, there’s also a ton of evidence to show that each terpene has its own medicinal effects. Using the two previously mentioned terpenes as examples, limonen is known to reduce stress and has antifungal properties while pinene can help with inflammation and is antibacterial (source). As a result of its anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis rich with pinene has been shown to help people who live with asthma. In fact, I have asthma, so I like to smoke (yes, smoke) a pinene-heavy strain before and/or after cardio exercise because it does help me breathe better.

Would I buy Daily Boost CBD Oil again?

The 1500mg (1ml, 55mg of CBD) syringes are regularly $13 a piece plus $8.99 for flat rate shipping. I bought three (3) of those syringes for $19.48 plus $8.99 shipping, and I think that is a more reasonable price. So if the syringes were on sale for 50% off again, I might consider it. But I definitely wouldn’t pay full price for them.

Despite the lack of broad-spectrum CBD, I still experienced some relief from the syringes I bought. Two (3) of the three (3) syringes had terpenes from the cannabis strain called Sour Diesel and the last one (1) had terpenes from the Orange Cookies strain. Based on my experience, I would say the terpenes did most of the work as most of the relief was related to my anxieties. As an aside, I think the terpenes were also what gave the oil such a delicious flavor, which was a bonus on its own.

All in all, I think I would buy a syringe or two (2) if they were on sale and I was planning to travel; however, I do not plan — or foresee feeling the urge — to purchase these syringes for everyday relief. And even though RSO does not have a good taste at all, I still prefer the relief I get from RSO to the relief I got from Daily Boost CBD oil.

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