For the candy and chocolate industries, there’s probably no more exciting holidays than Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Although I’m more of a horror movie lover than a romance fan, I can appreciate good chocolate and sweets. Edibles are a double edged sword for me because I always want more than the recommended dose! That said, the cannabis industry is getting so creative with delicious flavors and treats, with adorable presentation, which we all know is half the battle for Valentine’s Day. I love these gourmet edibles or packages that go beyond a typical rice krispie you might think looks fine on your dispensary countertop. Cliché as it is, everyone enjoys receiving a little extra something on this silly holiday, intended to show romantic partners how much they mean to us. I would be over the moon to receive any of these fine cannabis edibles as a romantic gift!


Garden Society Chocolates and Gummies

When I first lifted the lovely packaging on these candies, I was extremely impressed. The chocolates are printed with this sleek design that makes them too pretty to eat. When I did however, I was pretty happy with the results. And indica-heavy hybrid strain soothes and relaxes me, perfect for a little post-candlelit dinner dessert with a little wine. Their gummies are perfect little pops of color, created with a Sativa blend for not slowing down, but a clear-headed, fairly light high. The little boxes make lovely gifts, and pair well with a bottle from its local Sonoma County.


Medicine Box Chocolate Truffles

Don’t let the cutesy cardboard boxes for these little delights fool you, they deliver quite the strong high. One truffle contains 40mg of THC, and they are quite small. I was gifted the Coconut Goji Berry which provides a good active high as described. Eating half of this truffle before seeing Into the Spider-verse made that an even more entertaining experience. Great gift to give to your sweetie before a trippy movie night. Apparently, it also touts immunity boosting properties and high antioxidant count, and I’m into extra benefits. Would definitely love to try the rest of this line!


Madame Munchie Macarons

Macarons are the classic Parisian dessert that everyone loves to show off on Instagram. Interestingly, I’ve heard from many friends say that there are cookies and pastries they would choose far before a macron, but you cannot deny the photographic nature of those pastel little sandwiches. I personally find them quite tasty, especially at 20-mgs of THC. Ideal date night? Snacking on these with my beau while watching Amelie.


High Teas Beverages

So this one isn’t a classic box of sweets, but isn’t another one of those romantic clichés a beautiful bottle of wine to pop the cork off with a romantic flourish to serve under the stars, or a park picnic? I love this idea because I don’t love to drink that much! I would always rather receive a quality edible than overpriced bottle that I may not finish. For the stoner aspiring to a fancier lifestyle, or just setting that sensual tone, these bottles teas with a strong dosage come in a variety of flavors that enter your system pretty quickly because of the liquid. The cannabis preferred will appreciate this fine alternative to alcohol, or regular edibles.

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