Chocolate as an Aphrodisiac

Chocolate has been used as an aphrodisiac for a long time, as has cannabis.It was first found to arouse sexual desire by the Aztecs. The main reason for this is because cocoa beans contain two important chemicals; tryptophan, which a component of serotonin, being the first. Tryptophan is a chemical in the brain that contributes to sexual arousal. The other chemical in chocolate is a love chemical – literally. Phenylethylamine is a stimulant that is released when people experience the feeling of falling in love. To be fair, it would take about a pound of chocolate to truly feel the effects of either of these chemicals, although even a normal serving can make us feel good, particularly dark chocolate. There are health benefits associated with consuming dark chocolate as well. Dark chocolate contains flavanols, which are chemicals key in reducing inflammation…it’s also rich in zinc and magnesium, the latter of which is known to have a soothing effect on mood.

THC as an Aphrodisiac

THC has had various uses throughout history as well, definitely not excluding uses associated with love. THC infused products that are great for the bedroom are popping up everywhere, and with good reason. Research has show time and again, that people who use cannabis report increased pleasure, arousal, better experiences, and increased frequency of sex, all the way up to 20% more. This happens because THC tends to slow down the way we process moments. It also increases physical sensitivity and reduces pain, especially when using an Indica-centered brand or product. Because it also has a soothing effect on anxiety, it reduces the pressure we sometimes put on ourselves to perform, which allows us to be in the moment even more.

We can’t think of a better combination, with Valentine’s Day just a few short weeks away. You might want to consider stocking up on some treats, whether it’s to share with your sweetie, friends, or to enjoy on your own.

THC-Infused Chocolatey Treats

Défoncé is an artisinal chocolate company that has simply beautiful chocolate bars. Infused with a dosing of 90 mg of THC, their products come in elegantly designed packaging and are themselves exquisitely shaped into geometric designs. They are made with sun-grown Californian cannabis and come in flavors that include vanilla, matcha, milk, coffee, mint, dark, hazelnut, and dark+, which is only for true chocoholics.

Marigold Sweets is another THC infused chocolatier, founded in California in 2010. They work with simple, organic, Fair-Trade ingredients to create beautifully designed chocolates that are perfect either following a meal or on their own. Each chocolate is infused with 10mg to 25 mg of THC. They actively seek to work only with green companies, and their packaging is completely compostable. Chocolates come in two flavors; Fleur de Sel Caramel, which are caramels dipped in dark chocolate and finished with a bit of matcha salt, and Peanut Crème, which are filled with a creamy and crunchy center.

Last but not least, we’re featuring chocolates from Coda Signature. Coda Signature has a plethora of products ranging from beautifully colored truffles, to chocolate bars, to amuse-bouche style chocolate servings on small wooden spoons. Chocolate isn’t the only product they offer, either… they have a wide variety of topicals, including skin salves, bath bombs, and more. Their name is inspired by the musical coda, which is a musical passage that brings a piece of music to its end, creating a sense of understanding of the whole piece. Their mission statement is set the standard of excellence in oils, edibles and topicals, as well as to elevate the cannabis experience in the same way that music elevates our experiences of life.

Treat yo’self!


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