Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and unless you have a significant other to spend it with, you most likely could care less about the upcoming holiday. For all my single stoners out there, have no fear. There’s a holiday for us as well. It’s called Singles Awareness Day and it’s the day after Valentine’s Day. Never mind the fact that the acronym spells out SAD. How could you be sad when you have weed? Trick question. You can’t! Here are some ideas on how to keep yourself occupied and entertained this Valentine’s Day even without a boo.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a solo smoke sesh. Take this time as an opportunity to try out a new strain you’ve been interested in. There are endless options to choose from. Try a rare strain like Nebula or Dream Catcher, or go for a vaporizer pen like Stiizy, Brass Knuckles, or Dosist. While you’re at it, take a nice bubble bath, get your nails done, do some impulse shopping, get a massage, or sign up for a yoga class. However you like to treat yourself, don’t hold back. Remember, no one’s going to love you like you love yourself.

If you’re really feeling in the spirit, get yourself one of these heart shaped boxes of weed by Canadian company MJN Express. The Love Buds Box retails at $269 and contains a dozen different strains (one gram of each), two strawberry flavored THC lollipops, two THC gold deal cherry edibles, THC infused lube, and THC infused massage oil. That sounds like my kind treat!

Express Your Gratitude


Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be alone for the holiday. I’m sure your other single friends would love the company as well. Get together and show them how grateful you are for their friendship. Everyone’s love language is different. Determine how you show love, whether it’s by giving gifts, words of affection, or just by being around each other, and show your friends just how much you care. One of my fondest memories is baking cookies with my best friend and while they’re in the oven, getting baked out on the patio while the dog runs around collecting coconuts and chasing lizards. Making edibles doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be super fun, especially when you’ve got close friends to help you and make you laugh along the way. Edibles don’t have to be limited to sweets either. Try your hand at a savory dish like my recipe for cannabis infused Shrimp Scampi and make a medicated meal for your friends this Singles Awareness Day!

Get Mortified


Enjoy the tales of people with love lives worse than yours at the next Mortified event. Mortified is a live storytelling extravaganza—a show-and-tell, if you will, of people’s most embarrassing, awkward and often seminal moments. At this Mortified event, celebrate and commiserate February 14th with stories of past V-Days gone wrong. There will be alcohol there so drink to your heart’s content or smoke a blunt beforehand and prepare to laugh your ass off. Laughter is after all the best medicine. This event isn’t limited just to California residents. Baltimore, Denver, Brooklyn, Boston, Portland, and even London, UK natives can enjoy the festivities. Check out to find a show near you this upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend!

All in all, it doesn’t really matter what you do for Valentine’s Day weekend as long as you’re having fun while you do it. You don’t need a significant other to have fun. Good bud, good food, and good company are enough for me. How will you spend your Singles Awareness Day?

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