In this modern age, content is king. Cannabis has always provided a provocative and popular base for video content. From the iconic scare-tactic propaganda film Reefer Madness and its subsequent countless parodies, to silly home-footage of friends making ridiculous musings while too high, there’s never been a shortage. Now, with the mainstream popularity of cannabis leaving media platforms no other choice than to allow content creators to get high in videos, and heavily feature weed in general. Monetization of these videos is another matter- I don’t think you’ll find that you have to sit through many ads on cannabis content (yet). Unfortunately, some did not make it past YouTube’s watchful, sensitive eye, like Haley420, who was removed from the site. Fingers crossed these channels are around for a long time. My favorite cannabis YouTubers are funny, informative, imaginative, and friendly- worth a watch, high or sober!


Ruffhouse Studios

This channel is a great starting point for cannabis content- heavily informative with loads of grow tips, recipes, and reviews, with an occasional smoke ‘n chat style video. The production quality on these isn’t quite up to VICE standards, but the well shot close ups, and clear voice over are definitely better than just watching some stoner explain how to take a dab.


That High Couple

If you love the popular brand of couples on YouTube, you’ll love this adorable couple! As the kids say, they’re #goals for being in love and sharing a strong interest in strong bud. Their challenge videos are quite fun, cute, and entertaining, like the 100mg vs. 1000mg edible challenge, which is just as silly as it sounds.


Learning Cannabis

The exceptionally informative and amusing host mostly giving excellent grow tips, but also amicable “get high with me” podcast videos, and the occasional review. Honestly, much of this content goes over my head and is more useful for professional growers. Yet, the appealing nature host Felix, and his deeply useful advice (for every level of cannabis consumer) is worth some views.


Merry Jane

More about culture than anything else, these guys never fail to crack me up in their high interviews with a variety of guests. Additionally, they provide regular cannabis news reports, and multiple series that do deep dives into the subtopics of cannabis. These series include a Snoop Dogg hosted commentary set, weed and sex, prohibition, and women who love weed.


Coral Reefer

This is a great combination of “basic travel girl” videos meets weed. Vlogs from attractive young women are replete on YouTube, but her effervescent tone, and hip knowledge of cool sites to see, strains to smoke, and treats to taste is pleasant viewing. A little forced feeling, as with some vloggers who struggle to appear authentic, but a great resource for high trip ideas and activities!



A human interest channel, their playlist and series on smoking cannabis, Strange Buds is amazing and enlightening by pairing unlikely individuals in a smoke-sesh group. The Grandmas Smoking Weed episode is so pure, wholesome, and hilarious, you’ve probably already seen it. You’ll wanna keep watching through Aubrey Plaza getting high with nuns, at least.


Kimmy Tan

Definitely capturing that authenticity that Coral Reef misses, this lifestyle channel features lots of “get high and get ready with me” content that I love. She has such strong personality, and excellent makeup skills. Her tips are fire, her looks are on point, and most importantly- Kimmy is funny as hell. Vloggers should feel like your friends, and I know Kimmy would get along famously with her audience, as evidenced by the comments.

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