Ok. Making your own ice cream is an amazing idea. Making CBD infused ice-cream is an even better idea. You have tons of options here, this one and this one both included. But, considering the types of infusable ingredients combined with the amount of types of ice-creams, there are virtually no limits. If you want to make a healthy ice cream or smoothie, but to add CBD or THC, you can just add a tincture to a smoothie and you’re done.

Blend it with fresh cream – or cannabis cream –  berries, chocolate, coffee, or the plethora of infused ingredients available online. Generally, what you’ll need will include cream, eggs, sugar, honey – another opportunity for using infused products, maybe a bit of salt, and whatever other ingredients you’d like to add.

Basic instructions for how to go about making weed ice cream are well described in this article in FADER.

If you’re looking to get a little experimental with flavors or ingredients, we’ve compiled a few options for you to test out and play around with. Once you get a handle on how infused ingredients taste, and how to make them, you can start playing around with recipes to tweak them until you have your ideal flavor. Or your 5 ideal flavors! We’re taking CBD or THC infused ice cream to new high-ts, so to speak.

The first one we thought to include is Buttered Popcorn Flavored Ice Cream. This flavor includes popcorn as well as caramel corn, which is PER-fect for watching movies. Add a few sprinkles or a bit of sea salt on top and you’re good to go.

Next, how about some Key Lime Ice Cream. Ever been down to Florida? They have the best key lime pie ever. This ice-cream is both just as creamy and as tangy. And a beautiful light green too, with chunks of graham cracker crust.

Next, aptly named, we have The Munchies Ice Cream. This lady even has two separate versions of it; the pretzel version and the munchies version. The munchies version has Ritz Crackers, mini pretzels, potato chips and M&M’s, among other ingredients… meta-munchies.

Chai Ice Cream, anyone? Yes please, we’ll eat the entire batch and then use the remains as creamer for actual chai lattes later thanks. This amazing recipe features cloves, allspice, cardamom, anise, etc. It’s packed with fragrant spices, which will probably go really well with the earthiness of weed.

Happy munching:)







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