My small, Ryot SmellSafe® Hard Case came in a monthly cannabis accessory subscription box that is no longer in circulation: Stashbox. As is typical with most of my reviews of cannabis accessories, I will focus on price, discreetness, and usability.

The Ryot case itself is an oblong circle that is almost 5-inches long, 2-inches wide, and nearly 2-inches tall. Mine is black, but they come in natural and olive as well. It is constructed with Ryot’s SmellSafe® Technology, which is — according to the Ryot website — “[…] an activated carbon absorption technology where microscopic charcoal particles are fused together to create an odor protective barrier, blocking unwanted odors from escaping.” After inspecting my own hard case, I suspect that the fabric lining inside of the case is part or all of the SmellSafe® Technology described. The case also comes with a sturdy 2.25” carabiner clip. Inside the case are two (2) memory foam pads that each sit below a pair of elastic storage loops. The memory foam pads and elastic storage loops insulate the pipe and keep it from moving around during transport. COST

I spent $30 on the Stashbox subscription; however, the small, SmellSafe® hard case is only $13 on the Ryot website. Ryot also sells a large, SmellSafe® hard case for $15. The SmellSafe® hard cases come in black, olive, and natural (i.e., beige). With a flat rate shipping fee of $7.50, you’re looking at spending between $20 and $23 on a hard case.

To be honest, I wish I had bought the hard case from Ryot directly. Getting my hard case in a Stashbox order felt like a waste of money because Stashbox itself wasn’t great. This article isn’t about Stashbox though, so I digress.

The Ryot SmellSafe® hard case is baller and is very clearly made with high-quality materials. The zipper is sturdy; the carabiner clip has a strong resistance; the elastic storage loops; and, the memory foam pads cradle spoon pipes and prevent movement once the zipper is sealed. DISCREETNESS

As someone who wears glasses, the SmellSafe® hard case looks very similar to a hard case for carrying glasses. In fact, I had a hard case for my glasses when I played softball as a kid.

My SmellSafe® hard case is all black, so the Ryot logo (which is just the word “Ryot” in an Old-Englishy font) that is sewn on the outside of the case is barely visible. Even if it were visible, I don’t think the logo would give away the contents of the case. In fact, it would probably make it look more like a glasses case.

In addition to the SmellSafe® Technology, the hard case also has “SmellSafe® moisture seal zipper […]” that lines the outside of the case. The moisture seal zipper looks like a waterproofed zipper for a winter coat.

Together, the SmellSafe® moisture seal zipper and SmellSafe® Technology work together to conceal the smell of any cannabis that might be inside the case. I know this because I have loaded a fat bowl in one of my spoon pipes and then stored it inside of the hard case.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to remember which direction you store a pipe with a loaded bowl. Otherwise, you risk an involuntary sacrifice to the weed gods.

Once the SmellSafe® hard case was zipped closed, I confidently attached it to my purse and carried it around with me during a full day of bus rides. No one seemed to notice that I had a fully loaded bowl in my Ryot case; least of all me. USABILITY

When I first used my SmellSafe® hard case, I didn’t realize I could load the bowl of a pipe before storing it in the case. As a result, I attempted to — and failed at — trying to put a nug under one of the memory foam pads while it was still in a bag.

That did not work.

At some point, I realized that the seal that the memory foam pads created around the pipe inside was also useful for sealing a loaded bowl. I’m pretty sure I facepalmed.

If you don’t want to load the bowl before you travel, I recommend either putting the whole bud into the bowl for transport or buying a Ryot SmellSafe® removable pod. They’re only $4 and can be used with some of Ryot’s other SmellSafe® products.

Aside from missing the opportunity to carry around a pipe with a loaded bowl, the case is really easy to use and has an intuitive storage design.

One final note is that Ryot also sells a lock for $5. The SmellSafe® hard case has an extra loop near the end of the zipper track that allows you to secure whatever product you might have inside your case. From what I can tell, most — if not all — of the other carrying cases have the ability to lock as well. If I were around kids more often, I would definitely invest in a lock. At this time, however, it’s not an issue I face. I do not believe the lock would prevent theft because I assume most thieves would take the entire case and cut the lock later.

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