I was looking for something new at my dispensary and came across an amazing new strain grown by one of my favorite local growers (Phat Panda) Tropicana Cookies. The Tropicana Cookies is a hybrid of the Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) crossed with the Tangie.

I’ll be honest. the Forum Cut is one of my favorite Indica Dominant strains over the past decade and the Tangie is slowly becoming one of my favorite Sativa’s on the shelf. The Citrus flavor of the Tangie combined with the diesel funk of the Girl Scout Cookies was sure to be something special. And boy was it ever. When I opened the jar I was hit with a bouquet of aromas. Pine, Orange, Lemon, and Diesel were the most dominant of the group. This was a strain to behold. Perfectly manicured, mid-sizes nugs with a beautiful purple and golden hue that had been cured to perfection. Upon breaking her up she was nice and sticky as I was hit in the face with a skunky yet fruity smell that I just had to taste.

For this sample, I decided to use my David Goldstein Rooster Apparatus 13″ Fritted Disc Bong. I loaded a little snapper to get her started and wow, what can I say. The delicious Tangie and The Forum cut come together to give a taste of terpenes that was as strong as some live resins I’ve tasted recently. I was instantly hit with the skunky diesel taste from the Forum Cut but the back was all Tangie. My palette was coated in delicious tangerine and floral flavor reminiscent of a walk through an orange grove in Summer. Absolutely breathtaking. Many times I find hybrids to actually take away from the original strains themselves, but with the Tropicana Cookies, the two without question compliment each other. Upon exhale The kushy, skunk tones of the GSC meet with the citruses of Tangie to create a wonderful mix of sweet and sour goodness. As for potency, this is no weakling. A couple of bong rips and I was feeling great. I had energy as well as an appetite, as I put down a whole plate of shortbread cookies my neighbor had gifted me. Now I was never couch-locked but I could have been had I overdid it.

Overall I would absolutely say that the Tropicana Cookies is one of the best strains I sampled in 2018. She is the total package. Whether you want to stay in and play some board games or go on a hike to the falls, this will do the trick. Taste and aroma wise I have to give her a grade of 9.3/10 as she was stinky and full of wonderful flavors. As for potency, I would say it was a 9.0/10. The perfect treat for a beautiful Winter day with the family.






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