Christmas movies are a surprisingly subjective genre. Every kind of story has been told using Christmas as a backdrop, so I’ve picked my personal favorites to enjoy with a blunt by the fireside…

The Grinch is probably the most obvious, and not just because the eponymous antivillain looks like a giant nug of weed. When this live action version debuted, my young mind was so excited to just have the Grinch brought to life beyond animation, and this movie has remained ageless. Jim Carrey’s insane energy is probably the only way they could have made this work, and it does. The scene where he tries to scare off Cindy Lou is a classic finding new life in memes, the innuendo for and by Martha May still shocks me as an adult, and the attack on consumerism is an eternal holiday mood.

Krampus makes it into my stocking for the comfortable balance between comedy and horror. It embraces its campiness while also delivering a pretty heartfelt message about family togetherness. The theme of losing that feeling when relatives add stress during the season is something to which we can all relate. Feeling like this family could be yours is expected from the A+ cast led by Adam Scott and Toni Collette. The design of the monsters and Krampus himself make this a fun, trippy Christmas movie that checks off all of my boxes for cuddling up with a bowl and a hot cocoa.

The Nightmare Before Christmas might be more of a Halloween movie for many of us, but that’s what makes it the perfect seasonal film! From October 31st to December 25th, Nightmare is fair game. It’s a childhood classic for many of us 90s babies, equally enjoyed by our parents for the incredible artistry, clever writing, and killer soundtrack. It’s iconic! Need I say more?

Batman Returns is an inarguably strange Christmas movie, but since much of the plot is motivated by the season, I think it counts. So far in this list, a good weed-smoking movie has to have strong visuals. Clearly, Tim Burton’s love of merrymaking and the macabre brings out the best of the holidays. I don’t love heavy themes about the true meaning of a commercialized Christmas, and generosity… I mostly just want to see pretty lights and a freakish Danny Devito getting ridiculed by Michelle Pfeiffer in a catsuit. Seeing an army of strapped, cute little penguins overrunning Gotham always cracks me up and puts me in the holiday spirit, almost as much as seeing Catwoman take down a corrupt toy mogul.

The Christmas Prince is definitely the most genre strong on my list, and yes, I was amused in the rudest possible way by it, like most of the internet. Netflix hit the nail on the head for capturing the made-for-tv feel, despite being a streaming service, with this plot debacle of a supposedly touching story. I won’t bother with all the inconsistencies, bad acting, and numerous critiques laid against it- only that this schmaltzy, senseless film is so ridiculous, it’s a sheer pleasure to watch. Getting super high with a friend and trying to force logic into The Christmas Prince will remind you what this holiday is REALLY about- laughing your ass off and good times with the people you love!

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