I’ve been dabbing in some shape or form for about a decade now. From the first days of domed nails to TI pads, I’ve seen the industry grow as inventors have come up with new concepts and designs to improve not only the quality of Hash oil but the delivery systems for it as well. One of those new creations I recently was introduced to is a brand new tool that truly needs to be in every dabbers arsenal, the Diamond Knot Quartz Banger.


Now a quartz banger is a type of dab nail made from quartz crystal. A quartz banger brings out the delicious natural terpenes in the cannabis. The user tastes nothing but the full-bodied flavor of their extracts essential oils. In a dab rig, the nail is the part responsible for heating the concentrate to the form of a vapor. You heat up the quartz banger by the knot section like you would any other quartz nail and then the magic happens. Once you place your concentrates into the diamond knot you watch as it’s vaporized into thick tasty plumes of vapor. This new design keeps the oil concentrate inside the quartz banger where it belongs, thus allowing for more complete combustion of the oil concentrate and diminished loss of extract down the banger stem. Genius !


Since switching to the Diamond Knot banger I have not looked back. I find I need less of the concentrate and the flavors are so much more pronounced. I no longer suffer from as much throat irritation as I normally would from my basic nail or banger. It’s truly the perfect way to savor the flavors of Cannabis and taste every bit of your strains profile. Now I have found the banger on sale for around $20.00 USD but they can run as high as $80.00 USD for thicker models that also offer options such as glass loops to help with even more combustion and less loss of product.


One last tip that I can’t stress enough is taking low temperature dabs (315°-420°F). Dabbing at low temps allows for many different benefits. For one, most terpenes do not burn off until around 350°F, meaning that when dabbing at lower temps, you will get a more flavorful dab and can reap the full benefits that the precious terps also offer.


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