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Sunset Sour by Phinest Cannabis is another heavy-hitter you guys should be on the lookout for. This strain is getting more and more accessible thanks to the popular LA dispensary MedMen. At an eighth for $60, this strain is a little steep for regular smokers, but delivers a super productive punch.

Sunset Sour contains 22.6% THC and 0.1% CBD. I really love the Phinest Cannabis packaging because its super clean and minimal, while making the imperative information easy to find and upfront. The lid is also a locking lid, making it child proof for those of you with little ones in your life.

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Phinest Cannabis’ mission is in the namesake: to provide the world’s finest cannabis. Using cutting-edge scientific knowledge and a process called Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation to produce a diverse variety of strains with no chemicals or contaminants.

According to Phinest Cannabis, “Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation is the Phinest™ Difference. When it comes to growing, this approach is leading the way and our master cultivators are at the helm. Plant tissue culture is widely used to produce clones of a plant in a method known as micro-propagation. Our team of PhDs and Veteran Horticulturists closely oversee the tissue culture growth every step of the way, ensuring the highest plant quality, time and time again. Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation has immense benefits for optimal plant health, including:
increasing plant vigor and productivity, providing genetic stability, and maintaining plant purity free of pesticides and diseases, amongst others.”

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Sunset Sour is one of those strains you can smell throughout your house once you open the container. This strain smells heavily of sour diesel which is no surprise. It’s also got some earthy, pine notes. The nugs are dense and sticky and the stems are incredibly hard, making this bud best for breaking up with a grinder. The nugs themselves are pretty large in size and are a vibrant green with blood orange hairs spread throughout.

I was very excited to try this strain and it definitely lived up to my expectations. It’s quite potent and the smoke was smooth and pleasant, almost sweet smelling. I felt extreme focus within the first 20 minutes of smoking this strain, which made it great for getting some last-minute work done and sorting through emails.

Afterwards, I felt its calming effects and found myself getting tired. Later on, I had a restful night’s sleep. I didn’t find myself tossing and turning like I usually do and was able to sleep calmly and comfortably. Other fans of the strain have noted feeling euphoric, relaxed, and more creative. I can attest to the creativity for the first half hour but after that point, I was much too sleepy to really focus on anything creative.

Sunset Sour is a must try for medical marijuana fanatics looking for a strain that gives a nice little boost in productivity and creativity while mellowing out for a sleepy, relaxed finish. I’d love to try this on a chill beach day with my friends, where if I happen to fall asleep, it’s no big deal. Let me know what you guys think of this strain and what others I should try by Phinest Cannabis!

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