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On my never-ending quest for epic new strains, I came across a potent, luxurious hybrid called Titan OG. It’s indica dominant tendencies had me sleepy within minutes. I got this insomnia-curing strain from the MedMen shop and it was highly recommended.

MedMen is an iconic LA dispensary, trademarked by their fire engine red storefronts. With locations in Beverly Hills, DTLA, and West Hollywood, this Culver City-based cannabis company brings a trendy feel to the medical marijuana industry. With operations in New York, Nevada, and Florida, you don’t have to be a California native to get access to medical marijuana.

Titan OG by Northern Emeralds was highly recommended by the staff that assisted me during my visit. Northern Emeralds is a company looking to cultivate only the highest quality cannabis. This California based company is dedicated to providing ethically derived and carefully cultivated cannabis to its consumers. Northern Emeralds uses power derived from renewable sources and recycles as much as 85 percent of the water they use.

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According to CEO and Founder Cody Stross, “There are as many as 12,000 marijuana-growing operations in Humboldt County, but we are one of the few that has gone through all the available permitting processes to become fully compliant with current state and local law.”

I was super excited to try the famous Titan OG after learning more about where it comes from. Titan OG is said to have awesome anxiety-reducing qualities and soothing sleep-inducing properties. Titan OG by Northern Emeralds is characterized by the frosty, fluffy nugs. The leaves are crisp, making it easy to break up into smaller, consistent pieces for rolling. The nugs aren’t too dense and are absolutely coated in kief. A grinder is super recommended for this strain.

Titan OG has a very dank, earthy smell to it. Hints of pine and other ‘rainforest-esque’ smells like cedarwood run throughout this strain. Titan OG is perfect for that instant hit of relaxation after a long day of work or after a particularly grueling workout.

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Alex, the man behind Titan OG, has perfected his craft over nearly a decade of dedication. After a two-year vetting process, Alex chose to singularly devote himself to Titan. That was six years ago; since that time, Titan’s reputation has played no small role in helping Northern Emeralds become a major player in the California cannabis scene.

CEO Cody Stross says, “We started Northern Emeralds because we believe perfection is not a goal to be attained, but rather an unattainable wellspring of constant inspiration. Each member of our team plays an indispensable role in creating an exceptional business environment where people and plants thrive together. For Northern Emeralds, there is no distinction between the cultivation of great cannabis and the cultivation of great people.”

If you’re looking for a new hybrid to add to your rotation, Titan OG should be high on your list. I’m a big fan of indicas and hybrids and Titan OG has everything I look for in a strain like this! Have you guys tried any other strains by Northern Emeralds? Let me know your favorites down below and maybe I’ll review it next week!

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  1. I have Titan OG from Northern Emeralds and it is just as you described. Immediately relaxing but uplifting and clear minded. not a down sedation, perfect evening strain. I also have Sapphire Kush from N.Emeralds, and while it might be well grown, its not feeling like a good fit for me.It produces a relaxed comfortable mind but then turns slowly stony and tired, a little bit downer,and the come down lasts twice as long as most come downs. Maybe its the terpine profile that doesnt match my Endo system.Thats why everyone is different in what suits them. We have an endo canabinoid receptor system,and some strains fit us better than others.

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