Blue Dream is a strain that’s super easy to come by on the East Coast, especially in areas where medical and recreational marijuana isn’t yet legal. Blue Dream is the hallmark of my last few years of college. I didn’t know much about it then, I just knew it made me sleepy, kind of paranoid, and I hated it to the max. I despised that slump, immobile feeling. Others may enjoy it, but that was never my cup of tea in my early years of using marijuana. I was very into sativas that provided productive highs and Blue Dream does not fall under that category.

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I made one of my usual calls to Kushagram for a new cannabis strain to try and to replenish my stash with. I really wanted to try something with Skunkberry in the name but unfortunately it was sold out. The staff on the phone recommended Blue Dream and I instantly frowned. I did not come all the way out to California to be smoking Blue Dream. However, I have no self-control and splurged on the 14 grams anyway.

I’m really glad I decided to give Blue Dream a try here on the West Coast. It is nothing like I remember from college. It’s first off, a lot more potent than whatever I was complaining about previously. The Blue Dream strain is classified as a hybrid crop, with a 60% sativa and 40% indica genetic makeup. Although Blue Dream expresses a higher percentage of sativa phenotypes, on occasion it is possible to obtain a round that is more characteristic of an indica strain. This explains my issues with the strain in college.

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The Blue Dream strain smells just as you’d imagine: like blueberries. But it doesn’t just stop there, hinting at flavors of sharp, earthy sandalwood, crisp citrus and even grape or floral notes; expressing a harmonious balance of qualities from both its parents, Blueberry and Haze.

Aside from being fragrant, Blue Dream has other nice qualities. The nugs are a beautiful light green with highlights of dark emerald, covered in sheets of orange hairs. They are thick and dense, making it difficult to break up with the hands. This strain is also quite sticky so 10/10 would recommend using a grinder.

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It’s no wonder this strain is a common household name on both coasts. It’s a smooth, pleasant tasting smoke and provides the right amount of relaxation and happiness. I learned that over-consuming Blue Dream could lead to paranoia and further stress (as it can with any strain of marijuana), so knowing your limitations and finding a balance in your amount of consumption is ideal if you want to achieve the most effective results. This further explains my issues with the strain in the past.

Blue Dream now has a bit of a higher ranking after this new experience with it. Blue Dream isn’t a strain I’d highly recommend, especially if you’re looking to use it medicinally, but it’s still a great intro to weed if you’re a new marijuana smoker. Just be sure to watch your intake and you should have a great experience. Let me know what you guys think of Blue Dream! Does it hype you up or make you sleepy? Let me know down in the comments!

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