We’ve all been there. The next paycheck is a little way off, the weed man is out of town, the dispensary is closed, or you just don’t have it in the budget for bud at the moment! Here are 3 easy ways to get high without weed.

If you’re a habitual stoner, you may already have some of these tools at your disposal.



For this method, you’ll need:

  • A glass piece that hasn’t been cleaned
  • Blunt wraps
  • Bobby pins
  • Paper towel

If you have a piece that you don’t clean too often and use less frequently, there is bound to be plenty of resin built up for you to roll a resin blunt. Run some hot water through your piece for 2 minutes. Pat dry with a clean towel. Scrape the warmed resin out using a bobby pin. The carb in my piece is big enough for a bobby pin to fit through and it’s very easy to scrape chunks of resin out of the inner bowl. Do this until you have collected enough resin for a blunt.

My favorite blunt wraps are Pineapple Game, Blue Game, White Grape White Owl, and Wild Rush Swishers. You can roll using whatever you like, however these brands have the type of structure and integrity that will stand up to the sticky mess that is resin. Make sure you’re wiping down your work surface as you go, or the resin will dry and become harder to clean off.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and the resin blunt—although a last resort— will get you high in a pinch.



The kief blunt is the resin blunt’s sophisticated older cousin and is not here to play games with you. In order for this method to work, you need a significant amount of kief. This is why I advocate for the use of a grinder. You may not have weed, but kief is highly potent! Depending on how many different strains you’ve collected, you could have a powerful generation blunt that has you stuck to the couch for hours.

Kief blunt in progress
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To roll a kief blunt, you’ll need:

  • A grinder with a kief catch
  • Kief
  • Backwoods

I really like the Honey Berry Backwoods for this because it is soft and pliable, and the flavor is mild, yet nostalgic. You can use whatever you have available, but Backwoods would work well for rolling a kief blunt.

All you need to do is scrape the kief from your grinder’s kief catch. Mine had about a 3cm thick dusting of kief in the bottom. Unwrap your Backwoods or split your blunt and evenly spread the kief on the inside. Roll tightly and medicate!

Don’t plan on being too productive. The kief blunt is next level and will have you thoroughly medicated in a short amount of time. It doesn’t require too much effort and the smoke is way less harsh than smoking resin.





Now, I’m not sure how well this last method works because it affects people differently. Stem tea falls under the category of edibles/medicated drinks. For it to affect you, it’ll take about an hour or two. You’ll also need a significant number of stems to get a high potency tea. This method is great for stoners who already collect their stems.

Stem tea requires:

  • A pot
  • Boiling water
  • 1-2 cups of marijuana stems
  • Honey (optional)
  • Lemon (optional)

Bring 4-6 cups of water to a boil and add in your stems. The stronger you want your tea, the more stems you’ll need. Lower the heat down to a simmer and simmer for at least an hour, but no more than five hours. Make sure to check this and stir constantly to keep from burning and destroying the little THC contained in the oils in the stems.

Strain the tea from the stems and discard boiled stems. Flavor your tea with raw sugar if you’d like! I love honey and lemon in my tea. Just like an edible, this won’t hit you right away so give it a few hours.

This is wonderful for a homemade, warm, medicated drink during winter.  You can also try making a spiced hot chocolate with cannabutter! Comment below if you guys want me to share that recipe.

How do you guys medicate when weed is low? Let us know in the comments!

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