So you’re on a tight budget but that shouldn’t mean you can’t have your cannabis. Sure that top shelf 1/8th of the Tiramisu Cookies looks amazing, but at $50 you just can’t swing it today. This is where some smart spending ideas come in. Being a parent, I love the ease of use and stealthiness of my vape pen. Unfortunately, the cartridges run me around $40 a gram for distillate and I can’t justify it. But I’ve come up with a few easy ways to not break the bank at your favorite weed shop while still being able to obtain the dankness you desire.


1.) Mix And Match Your Top Shelf With Low-Mid Grade : Recently I’ve found that topping a bowl of mid or low grade flower with a small amount of Top Shelf will give you a high that is comparable to what you’re used to. At the same time you’ll be creating a hybrid that you may find is actually more potent and tasty. This has happened to me on quite a few occasions. So instead of buying the eighth of that fire, go a with a gram of it and then you can grab an eight of something cheaper. Chances are you’ll end up spending less and having an extra gram to puff on. This tip also works with Vape Cartridges. You know you want that distillate but that decent looking BHO cartridge is half the price. This is where I like to purchase one of each if you have 2 separate batteries. You can then hit both vape pens at the same time giving you a quick hybrid hit that is 25% of the price and at the end of the day will last you just as long and get you just as ripped.


2.) Refilling Your Own Cartridges : At first, the thought of refilling my own cartridge had me a bit nervous. But after a couple attempts I found it to be a walk in the park. Many of your old empty ones can be unscrewed at the mouthpiece, allowing you to buy a syringe with oil and refill it yourself. You can also purchase brand new empty cartridges at head shops and dispensaries for about $5-10. This can save you a ton as I have found that syringes can occasionally run you half the price as the same pre-filled cartridges.


3.) Know Your Dispensaries Deals And Offers : Pretty much every shop I frequent has daily deals like “Munchie Mondays” or ” 2 for 1 Tuesdays.” After doing a tiny bit of research I was able to find deals at different shops in my area for each day of the week. On Monday’s I get half priced edibles. On Tuesday’s I take advantage of a 1/4 of Top Shelf for the price of an 1/8th. On Wednesday’s I get two distillate cartridges for the price of one. Over the course of the year this saves me hundreds if not thousands of dollars on how much I spend. Lastly, make sure to get on your dispensaries mailing/texting lists and check each shops website often in order to stay current on their deals and specials. Many times dispensaries will have Vendor Days where certain growers offer their products at discount prices, but without researching the shops website or receiving up to date messages from them, you may never know.

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