Towards the end of Summer in August at Redondo Beach, I had the pleasure of skim boarding a few times with some old friends. And by skim boarding, I really mean bailing on wet sand over and over ruthlessly. My wrist is still not happy about the last session; 2 months later I’m still feeling pain from normal activities. After thorough research, I bought CBD Medic’s Active Sport Ointment. Here is how the first 3 days played out.


Day 1: I squeezed a pea-sized dab on my index finger and rubbed it into my wrist joints on the opposite side of my thumb, where sharp pain tends to shoot out of nowhere. This ointment doesn’t smell like herb whatsoever, so that’s good for anyone that needs to be discreet. It absolutely reeks of menthol, though. It absorbed easily into my skin and didn’t feel greasy at all. This is a great sign, since the CBD can’t do anything before penetrating the skin.


About 40 minutes after applying, I cautiously applied pressure to the injured area and moved my wrist in circular motions to check for improvement. Remarkably, I already had reduced pain than I did before I used the ointment.


Was able to work for 7 hours without any noticeable pain, and as a bartender it’s easy to notice random pangs amidst a typical shift.


Day 2: I forgot to apply the ointment before I went to bed because I honestly forgot that I purchased it. Fortunately, my wrist feels much better than it has any other morning for the past 2 months. At 8:50am I applied 3x as much around my entire wrist as if it were a watch in order to maximize the benefits. Very long work day ahead, and I don’t want to bring it to work (corporate place, lots of health ordinances, etc.).


Day 3: I made sure to apply it soon after I woke up, and it’s usually the early morning that I have the most pain due to awkward hand/wrist positions during sleep. About 2 hours after applying it I barely noticed any discomfort unless I intentionally pressed or squeezed the problem area. I also attempted to do push-ups again, something that I have been extremely cautious about for the past few months. I was able to do 10 but then I stopped because I didn’t want to go overboard. Even doing 10 was a major improvement over the last month when the sharp pain would shoot through after 1 or 2 push-ups. On all fronts, in terms of healing and functional use, my recovery has been exponentially faster with the use of CBD Medic.


To conclude, there are a few factors I must address for anyone that’s skeptical about the efficacy of this product. Yes it’s true that my injury was going to recover over time with or without a product like this, however I noticed such a significant improvement in 72 hours compared to 12 weeks. Also I’m aware that there is a huge difference between pain relief and recovery, but there is certainly middle ground in terms of how pain gradually subsides during the healing process. The menthol certainly helped the pain relief, but I was never numb. I’m also usually stubborn when it comes to buying products or any external assistance for pain and injuries, so I spent a lot of time researching different brands and their ingredients before settling on this one, swallowing my pride, and putting it to use. I’m very glad with my decision and highly recommend this for athletes, skaters, labor workers, yogis, and many other people who are likely to suffer joint injuries or chronic aches as part of your lifestyle.

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