It seems like with the cannabis industry moving beyond its initial boom, every possible idea revolving around cannabis will be capitalized. Just Googling “weed tourism” drops millions of results, so where would one even start? Perhaps first by asking if luxury resorts and weed together are a good idea? The fun loving cannabis user in me screams, “YES! I want to stay in a fancy suite without running to my car to medicate, and lounge poolside with a 20-chamber bong provided for me, and order a special milkshake to room service, while a concierge books a hotbox sauna for me after a massage. TAKE MY MONEY!” And the cost-aware, frugal, paycheck-to-paycheck struggling artist in me laughs at the idea of being able to afford such a luxury. Because that’s exactly what it is. I can’t foresee being able to afford a “regular” resort vacation, and adding marijuana to that equation smells to me like an exorbitant expense.

So what appears to be the best bang for your buck if you were to book a cannavacation tomorrow? On the absolute lowest scale, you could reserve a room at the 420-friendly Riverbar Pharms Bed and Breakfast in Humboldt. While the policy is bring-your-own-bud, you are free to smoke at your leisure and enjoy the regular coastal forest activities offered in the area. There is one promotional tour deal offered currently, with aspirations to add a cruise deal. A room here costs $169, which is actually quite reasonable for similar cute and cozy accommodations. This sort of vacation is one I would think appeals to urban dwellers who want an intimate cabinesque experience.

While not the only boarding accommodation to cater to cannabis users, from a perfunctory search, the next tier of cannabis resorts jumps way up. My420Tours and Butiq Escapes each offer cannabis tour packages for over $1000. While those prices make my eyes pop, the sort of activities offered like sushi and joint rolling classes, or a hotbox helicopter tour are the kinds of things I dream of doing on my vacation. For those who can afford it, especially if you enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes, these would be my ideal super wealthy vacations. However, if I was rich and researching where I could smoke weed on a good vacation, I would be disappointed in the lack of tropical options. Indeed, more time may be needed to open the markets in these geographical locations, but before taking one of these lavish trips, I would want there to be more options.

More options in general would be nice for someone in my income bracket. Perhaps just being patient for nationwide legalization is the only way I can afford a Hawaiian cannabis scuba tour, without having to save for 2 years. For what’s on the market, I would pick my vacation based on affordability and activities first, and be careful about how I pack my edibles and joints. 

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