Everyone experiences depression differently and for different reasons. Some people have situational depression, while others might have manic depression. Because of this diversity, there isn’t going to be one strain of cannabis that helps every person with depression.

Over the last few years, I’ve tried a few different strains for my own depression. My depression is very situational, and — as a result — doesn’t always manifest in the same way. Sometimes it’s much more disruptive than other times.

When my depression makes me feel lonely and in need of company, but also too afraid to reach out to people, I prefer to consume the hybrid strain Ewok. Or at least that’s what it was called when I first bought it from a Seattle dispensary in 2016. But from my recent research, it seems as though the strain might have been renamed to Alien Walker. From what I can tell from the details on Leafly.com, it appears as though Ewok and Alien Walker cause many of the same effects. And, they are used for many of the same reasons. Leafly says that Alien Walker, like Ewok, helps with stress and depression.

But like I said, sometimes I want to reach out to people but I’m too afraid. Ewok (i.e., Alien Walker) not only removes the depressive slump that typically detains me at home during a depressive episode; it also makes “being social” feel possible. After a quick smoke, being around people suddenly isn’t so overwhelming. However, Ewok is a very giggly strain. So if you’re trying to keep a more even tempered composure, I’d recommend either taking a smaller dose or using a different strain.

For example, you could try Green Crack. It’s a sativa-dominant strain that is used to help with depression and stress, but I didn’t giggly with green crack. However, it did make me feel a little hyper and chatty. Similar to times I’ve had too much caffeine. However, with the right dosing, it is able to help dig me out of any depressive episode that tries to trap me in bed without removing my ability to function throughout the day.

Although Ewok (i.e., Alien Walker) and Green Crack were great for getting me out of the house, sometimes my depressive episodes keep me awake at night. Other times I need to be tranquilized; otherwise, I’ll overwork myself until I’m sick. When that happens, when I just need to force myself to lay down and rest, I like to consume God’s Gift. It is an indica-dominant strain, and it lives up to its name.

God’s Gift will help you lose all of your f***s. All at once. It is the perfect strain for surviving all of that depressing family drama that seems to crop up around the holidays. You can wade through it all with a dazed smile on your face and happy thoughts in your head. You won’t even hear the closed-minded conversations, you’ll already be asleep on the floor in your old sleeping bag, just living your best life.

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