Making the lifestyle choice to go vegan is not always easy. In fact, committing to the fully vegan diet can be extremely difficult in general. Eating raw is your friend and reading labels is a big part of your routine. Luckily, for the ethical, environmental and health conscious cannabis user, there is no shortage of vegan, nutritious brands for edibles and ethically sourced flower to choose from. These are my personal favorite vegan cannabis products and brands to support!

Honey Pot cannabis teas –

When I first began my hunt for a good cannabis tea, I was skeptical. I love a good cup of tea in the evening to calm my nerves and mark my official entry into relaxation mode. I didn’t think that a tea bag would pack the actual high that a food edible would have, and kept my expectations low. I was pleasantly proved wrong by Honey Pot’s plant based teas that carry 25 mg of THC or CBD, and I loved both varieties. I can enjoy the CBD tea at work, especially on days where I’m experiencing muscle soreness. Each tea is especially fragrant and delicious, with a smooth high for the THC teas. The peppermint is a must try for vegan, cannabis using, tea drinkers- or anyone who is interested in trying new iterations of edibles!

Kush Queen CBD bath bombs –

This one might be considered a little bit of a cheat since it is not an edibly consumable product, but I am such a strong believer in the benefits of CBD for anyone, not limited to people who like to get high. Thankfully, the importance of self care is becoming a trend, and the bath bomb craze may have hit its high. Kush Queen’s animal-product-free CBD bath bombs are an awesome pain relief tool, and they smell heavenly. For an extra kick and the regular smokers, there are THC versions available, too. You can get your high and your calm on without ever having to ingest anything! Yes, you do need a tub, but it’s worth it, even if you have to borrow a friend’s bathroom. For their desired effect, scent, and environmentally friendly output, Kush Queen is by far my favorite bath bomb. I say skip Lush and go straight to Kush!

Kiva Confections dark chocolate –

I’ve been eating Kiva chocolates for as long as I have lived in Los Angeles where quality brands of edibles are readily available. Before I even knew their dark chocolate products were vegan, I was recommending them to all of my cannabis using friends. These are totally free of dairy and animal products and are tasty as hell. I love that Kiva produces a large variety of doses in their chocolate, and you can purchase bars containing 40mg to 180mg of THC. My personal favorite flavor is the tangerine dark chocolate- the flavors blend together so well, it takes a lot of restraint to not devour the whole thing at once. I would recommend being careful, because I have definitely needed to take an unplanned nap from accidentally over-medicating with Kiva’s yummy chocolate.



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