Cannabis edibles have always been hit or miss for me, especially when it comes to potency. Often times I find myself not feeling anything and disappointed by the lack of effects. I have an extremely high tolerance to THC so unless the edibles are super strong, they just don’t affect me. But recently while on vacation in Southern California, I was introduced to a confection that made me believe in the power of edibles…Hubby’s Bars. These Chocolate bars are not only delicious but super potent as they are made with 130mg of Hubby Oil which I can personally tell you, is more than you’ll need to do the trick, twice!

I was lucky enough to sample their Milk Chocolate Crunch bar and oh my goodness was I in for a treat. I wanted to start slow and ate about a 20mg chunk and at first bite was blown away by how smooth and delicious the chocolate was. The flavor and texture of the milk chocolate was on another level when compared to any other crunch bar I’ve ever tasted. Each bite exploded with the fresh crunch of rice krispies, milk chocolate and a weedy flavor that I can only describe as hashy, herbal perfection. Within around 15-20 minutes I could tell there was something there and decided to take another couple bites that equaled half the bar (65mg) and at the 45 minute mark was feeling it real good. I had a smile from ear to ear and a focus level that was unbelievable, so I began reading my Honda Accord repair manual and before I knew it, an hour had gone by and I was fully educated on my carburetor along with its Idle Air Control Valve system. Yes I was on another planet but wasn’t couch locked or too high to function. I was able to then prepare dinner for my hosts and do a load of laundry so I was far from incapacitated, however I was extremely stoned.

Trust me folks, these bars are not for the beginner unless you can control yourself and only eat a sliver, which just isn’t possible. I would say a 30mg dose would be more than enough for the regular cannabis user. I probably over did it by eating 65mg but I still had a great time. My Hubby’s Bar was priced at $15USD and I can say it was more than worth the price as it was enough for 2 good sized servings. I went with the Milk Chocolate Crunch but they offer many different flavors from Milk Chocolate Toffee to Cookies and Cream. Now I’ve been told that they are hard to come by and sell out quick but can be found at dispensaries throughout the Los Angeles Area. Overall I have to give this Hubby’s bar a 9.5/10 on Taste and a 9.7/10 on Potency. It is seriously my favorite edible ever.

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