We’ve all dealt with it. The dreaded bowl that won’t finish or the pipe that just refuses to clear. You end up searching for your poker which in the majority of cases is nothing more than an old dirty paper clip or you proceed to bang your piece into the ashtray hoping it will empty out. When that doesn’t work you try and blow it loose into your hand which ends up becoming a mess on the floor or possibly a fire in your trashcan…if you’re an idiot like me. In the end you’re left with a nasty piece of metal covered in resin or even better, hot ash burning a hole in your carpet. It has always been a sad and unfortunate consequence of being an avid cannabis consumer. That is until now.

Recently I was introduced to a product which in my opinion amounts to one of the greatest inventions of this Century, the Debowler. This simple yet miraculous device is not just an everyday ashtray, but the perfect solution to all your bowl clearing needs, as it has its own poker built directly into the middle of the base. That’s right friends, no more searching for tools and risking disaster. In one easy step you can now clear your piece by gently poking it while the ash drops exactly where it should, directly into the middle of the ashtray.

Along with being a brilliant tool for the cannabis enthusiast, the Debowler is also environmentally friendly as it’s made entirely from recycled materials. My only recommendation is to be careful if you’re clearing bowls that are still burning, as they can and will melt the plastic.

The Debowler is truly a necessity for every toker and at a price of just $4.95USD for the basic plastic model, which comes in a wide array of colors, it’s beyond affordable and the perfect gift for the upcoming Holidays. I’ve personally given these to multiple friends and family members and they can’t stop raving about it’s amazing functionality. Debowler also offers a few glass options that are absolutely gorgeous and vary in price from $25USD-$80USD.

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