Lazy Stoner: let’s let that stereotype go up in smoke. Anyone who’s waxed poetic, finished an art project, or reorganized their bookshelf according to color after a few hits knows that this image of the archetypical cannabis smoker overlooks the energizing, creativity-enhancing benefits of consumption. For many creative minds, cannabis quiets the voice in our head that has us too self-aware or anxious to follow through on new ideas. For others, sharing a joint with friends helps foster the intimacy needed to brainstorm collectively.

Sativa strains are well-known for their energizing, uplifting properties, making them a popular choice for socializing and getting things done. But Indica and hybrid fans should keep in mind that one person’s “kick in their step” is another’s panic attack; creative inspiration doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all formula, and neither do cannabis strains. A dancer or a musician might find that the bodily effects of certain Indicas give awareness to one’s own movement or help them tune into what they’re hearing, while a creative branding team might look for the talkativeness brought on by a pure Sativa. TL;DR: finding the perfect flower to enhance your projects is a process of trial and error, just like creativity itself. Here are five strains that’ll refresh your perspective and enhance your creative, collaborative, and artistic growth.

Jack Herer

Admittedly, I’m biased: Jack Herer is my favorite sativa-dominant hybrid (but just barely—it has a balanced ratio of 55% sativa/ 45% indica) for a quick kick in the butt. This strain, which takes its name from the late cannabis rights activist, offers patients an upbeat, mellow high, making for a great choice for this seeking an everyday, energetic high that puts a spring in your step. The nine-times Cannabis Cup winner was developed in the Netherlands in the 1990s and has a distinct citrus aroma. The strain is known for inducing a calm, clearheaded creativity and for busting anxiety, making Jack Herer is a great choice for facilitating conversation and getting to know new people.


Sometimes, hitting a creative roadblock isn’t due to a dearth of ideas, but rather feeling like you’ve got so many options that you don’t know where to start. For moments when anxiety gets the best of you, Chemdawg, a hybrid strain, offers a cerebral but calming option. Perfect for relaxing muscles after hours spent hunched over a computer or canvas, this is a great option for activities that reconnect you with your surroundings, like taking a walk in a park. Make no mistake: at 26% THC, this is a strain best consumed by a seasoned connoisseur.

Berry White

Creative production isn’t all about output; it’s also about keeping the body rested and healthy. Berry White is the result of cross-breeding Blueberry and White Widow, but this strain stands all on its own: Berry White is famous for its stress relieving and euphoria-inducing effects. What’s more, Berry White offers patients the tension-melting benefits of an indica strain without keeping you couch locked. These flowers are especially useful for soothing body aches and reducing inflammation, which are crucial for keeping engaged in the creative process. When you’ve been hard at work all day, this is a great choice for recovery.

Grandaddy Purple

Sedation isn’t always antithetical to creativity. Ever get yourself into such a tizzy when working on a project that you’re not sure how to move beyond the cycle of anxiety? Say no more, fam; we’ve all been there. Next time you find yourself frozen in doubt, try turning to this anxiety-reducing, calm-inducing strain. Packed full of healing powers, Grandaddy Purple is also a great choice for times when, lost in your own thoughts, it’s hard to get to sleep, or when you’re battling a nasty muscle spasm from hours spent moving about.


With its stimulating effects and uplifting qualities, Cinex is another personal favorite. As a creative with a brain that’s always two steps ahead (read: I’m easily distracted), I benefit from strains that both induce a positive mindset while giving me the energy to keep on task. Cinex delivers on these fronts and more: the mood-boosting nature of the strain keeps patients energized, while the cerebral high helps to keep you in tune with both work and play.

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