I’m usually not a fan of coconut flavors. I was a couple of bites into Weller’s CBD-infused snacks when I realized that the scrumptious morsels are coconut-based. My girlfriend got them to bring as snacks on our almost-three-week trip to Barcelona, Berlin, and Oslo.

These CBD snacks are round, crunchy, and dangerously delicious. I was sold on the subtle, but impactful coconut flavor underlying the snack experience. I was also really excited to try CBD edibles for the first time. Overall, their taste was top-notch, but the effects were hard to gauge.

Weller is a Boulder, Colorado-based wellness company that makes CBD-infused crunchy bites. The bites come in three flavors: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and Original Coconut. Their bites are available in single serving, multi-serving, and sampler packs.

I got to try all three varieties and it was hard to pick a favorite since they all featured a balanced sweetness that was neither overpowering or too light. Every bite crunched under my molars releasing a satisfying cornucopia of sugar and coconut flavors.

I didn’t notice any specific effects but did feel good about eating a delicious and practical snack. Each bite is lightly-sweetened and contains a decent source of fiber. A single serving pack contains five bites (5 mg CBD each) for a total of 25 mg of hemp extract CBD.

Weller’s CBD-infused snacks were the perfect travel snack since they are small and light enough to carry around and sturdy enough to not break in a backpack or purse. These snacks had the right amount of sweetness. Best of all, they’re lab-tested for purity and consistency.

All Weller CBD snacks are non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Their CBD is extracted from sustainably-sourced, whole hemp plants. Co2 extraction removes the plant material and preserves the therapeutic cannabinoid oils like CBD that have helped medical and recreational cannabis patients reduce stress, pain, inflammation, and more.

The natural and minimal ingredients combine to create a rewarding treat. These CBD-infused snacks are made with coconut, cane sugar, tapioca, acacia gum, sea salt, coconut MCT oil, and full-spectrum hemp extract. With less than 0.3 percent THC, these snacks don’t provide the traditional mind-altering experience associated with cannabis.

Weller snacks aren’t available in stores at the moment, but people can purchase their snacks on the Weller website. First-time buyers can get 20 percent off their first order. Weller ships to all 50 states. Reach out to them at hello@welleryou.com for international shipping inquiries.

I’m excited for Weller’s upcoming line of drinks with a release date to-be-announced. For now, Weller snacks provide the ideal snack for people who need a bit of stress relief. As our travel snacks, Weller CBD bites staved our hunger while riding the public transportation system. Through the hustle and bustle, Weller CBD bites were the ultimate on-the-go snack.

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