Everything is burning around you. Fireballs start hitting the dispensary you’re in and your first thought is, “What strains am I going to need for my head stash in order to make it through this carnage?” You start hyperventilating as you ponder whether to grab more indica’s, sativa’s or hybrids. Do you grab the OG Kush, The Pink Cookies or The Northern Lights #5? Glass breaks on the windows around you as cars burst into flames and the Bud-tenders begin running for the hills, but you know you need your THC if you’re going to make it out of this in one piece.  You’ve got decisions to make and only so much time.

Don’t fret as I’ve put together the Top 5 Strains you’ll need in order to survive and why. Rest easy my fellow weed heads I’ve got you covered…Godspeed!

1.) Sour Diesel (Sativa) : You’re going to need energy to make it to your friends cabin in the woods. So this sativa is going to give you the stamina you need. You might be burned or have cuts that are holding you back but rest east as Sour D will take away your pain and keep you faded long enough to make it to your next stop. You can then catch some rest while you savor the Lemony, Skunky goodness that is Sour Diesel.

2.) Super Silver Haze (Sativa) : So the Cabin is in ashes and your friend is injured…You need shelter ASAP along with pain relief. “SSH” is going to energize you and let you work that hammer and measuring tape like you’re Bob Vila, while also helping your friend sustain while he recovers. You’re also gonna need something super potent with a psychedelic fade in order to not dwell on the horrible things you’ve just witnessed. Two or three good tokes off the piece and you’re able to make it through the day with an energizing high and a citrus and skunk, hazy candy taste on your tongue.

3.) Girl Scout Cookies – Forum Cut (Hybrid) : You’re tired. You just built a house with your bare hands and nursed your friend to health all in a day and it’s time to relax. The Forum Cut will do the trick. Smooth, pungent and potent, this strain is the medicine you need as you drift into oblivion with lungs expanded and a smile on your face. With that skunky, minty, lemony deliciousness on your lips, it’s the one hitter quitter you desire.

4.) 707 Headband (Hybrid) : It’s Day 3 and you need some heavy stuff to deal with the emotional toll and that’s where this amazing hybrid of OG Kush, Master Kush and Sour Diesel meet to give you the best of all worlds. This strain not only gives you enough energy to keep moving at a decent pace but a high to also not need to go anywhere. Hell, if you want to sit around and do nothing or just sit back and watch the world burn, 707 Headband will get you there. And the flavor is just straight gas. Piney funk with a lemony skunky Kush finish that you can smell from a 1/4 mile away. Beware of Bears !

5.) Grand Daddy Purple “GDP” (Indica) : You’re surviving and sometimes you just need to get ripped and “GDP” is the perfect strain for delivering the blow. Sweet grape and skunk tones give way to a high that goes straight to the head all the way to the toes. Grandaddy Purple is the perfect way to numb your pain and get your sleep without all the night terrors. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the New world…Or take another rip and go right back to bed.

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