Whether you smoke every day, or barely at all, when you are uncomfortably high and it is not the right time or place, and you need solutions. The following are my favorite hot tips for dealing with being way too high.

First of all, if you are prone to paranoia, it is important to remind yourself that no one has ever died from intaking too much cannabis. For the irregular or first time smoker, this one is important for reminding them that it is impossible to overdose in the same sense of opioids. It won’t stop your heart, and the quickness in breath you might be experiencing is likely an effect of you working yourself into a panic.

Next, and this one might be surprising for those not in the know, have a Coca Cola. I learned this tip from my eldest sister when our other sister, who does not smoke, accidentally took a hit of a sativa joint and became almost instantly uncomfortable. She explained she was feeling overly anxious, her thoughts racing, and started to hyperventilate. When our cannabis-bakery running sister suggested she drink at least half a can of regular Coke, it was minutes before she said she felt so much better. I have even tried this trick, and can vouch for its validity as a high-tolerance smoker. Something about Coke’s secret methodology and ingredients, along with that caffeine kick, brings you back to reality.

Another culinary interesting stoner hack, is to chew and whiff black pepper. It’s a good one because black pepper is common and easy to find. This may actually be related to the Coke solution. Pepper contains beta-caryophyllene, which has calming effects when combined with THC. When you’ve had too much THC for your tolerance levels, ingesting black pepper can even you back out. This is a great tip for weed-induced anxiety, paranoia, and restlessness. I also like this tip because it does necessarily negate the high, but puts me back in control of my mind when I start rabbit holing from an unexpectedly strong high.

Finally and arguably the most obvious… is to have a seat with a trusted companion. Depending on the situation, you might feel self conscious or you’re not in a familiar space, and you might need to ask someone (a friend, event medic, someone trustworthy) to lead you to a good chill spot. Especially if you know you’re in the home of a friend, or there is a place nearby to readily take a load off, it would behoove you to do so. I’ve witnessed full grown men faint from underestimating weed strength. Simply allotting 5 or 10 minutes after a smoke sesh to make sure you won’t be light headed can save you from a possible concussion. Even if you’re in an incredibly inconvenient location, if you can’t see clearly and are feeling extremely light headed, it is just not safe to “walk it off.”

So remember- don’t suffer in silence: relax, sip on some Coke, chew on some black pepper, and have a seat. The high will pass and you’ll be feeling right in no time.


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  1. As a medical marijuana patient,I think this is a great article and has really helped me to understand what happens when you get too high! Very informative and comforting!

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