Channel Your Inner Martha Stewart with Cannabis Cookbooks

Forget the pot brownies you probably tried in college and upgrade your edibles with a little help from these cannabis-themed cookbooks. There’s more to cooking with cannabis than just desserts, try savory side dishes, mocktails and other goodies from a few of our favorite cookbooks. Buy one yourself or gift Read more…

Patenting pot: How patent law could affect the cannabis industry

Patents are the legal equivalent of calling “dibs” on an idea or product and can be used as legal safeguards against competitors. In a fast-growing industry like cannabis, new businesses may look into ways to safeguard their enterprises. According to Forbes, the US Patent Office has received almost 1,500 cannabis Read more…

Will Cannabis Stocks Have You Seeing Green?

With attention-grabbing headlines about how Canada “nearly ran out of weed” after legalizing recreational marijuana, weed stocks seem to be a smart investment choice. Since demand is high right now and many new marijuana-related companies are going public, this market has opened up a potential new area for investment and growth.

According to a report by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, cannabis is a $57 billion dollar industry worldwide. Yahoo! Finance projects that by 2022, the legal cannabis revenue in the U.S. will hit $23.4 billion.

What’s the deal with cannabis in skincare?

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in January. Californians have been flocking to dispensaries, delivery services and cannabusinesses. But not everyone is interested in lighting up. According to experts, there’s more to weed than getting high. THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, and CBD, or cannabinoids the “chill” chemical, might Read more…

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