sun-grown cannabis, outdoor cannabis

Sun-Grown vs. Indoor Cannabis: Is One Better Than The Other?

Cannabis connoisseurs know the difference between outdoor and indoor-grown weed all too well. First-time or novice cannabis consumers may not immediately notice any difference between buds from the two cultivation methods. Marijuana growers choose different cultivation methods based on the local climate and state regulations. Some cities ban outdoor cultivation Read more…

cannabis thc distillate

Cannabis Distillate Oil For Fans Of High THC Products

For the longest time, the number one thing I looked for in my cannabis products was the most amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for my dollar. Back before I even knew what THC stood for, I knew that this psychoactive chemical compound elicited heightened sensory perception, boosts of creativity, sedation, and Read more…

cannabis flower dispensary

How To Identify High-Quality Weed At Your Dispensary

Identifying high-quality weed at a dispensary can be difficult if you’ve never been to one. Even if you have, it’s up to the you to trust that the cannabis you’re getting is of high quality. Oftentimes, dispensaries will set up their flower selection based on tiers: bottom-shelf, mid-shelf, and top-shelf, Read more…

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