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Miracle Alien Cookies Wax Review

Miracle Alien Cookies aka MAC Honeycomb Review

It’s amazing how even during a Pandemic I’m able to get my highly sought after cannabis delivered. The only problem is I can’t see the gear before I buy it so it becomes a blind risk to choose a new strain. This was the case the other day when I grabbed some Miracle Alien Cookies aka MAC Nug Run Sugar Wax from Regulator Extracts aka Smokey Point Productions out of Washington State for $18 USD a gram. To give you a little strain lineage background, MAC is a 50/50 hybrid strain created by crossing Alien Cookies with the hybrid offspring of a Columbian and Starfighter cross and the results are said to be Cannabis Cup worthy so I was pretty excited to give this a try.


Now, I decided to use my Toro Glass Bubbler for this sample and I was expecting a sugar wax but when the package was delivered, sadly it was not a sugar wax but a honeycomb wax which was a little disappointing. But instead of going in with a negative expectation, I decided to give her a shot and once I opened the jar I could smell mellow hints of earthy pine with a lemon finish. When it came to consistency, the Mac wax was extremely dry and crumbled at the touch which was beyond disappointing. After a bit of coaxing, I was able to grab a large-sized dab and once it hit the quartz banger, I could taste more of the MAC’s earthy tones but this wax was harsh and left my throat on fire which was also disheartening. Upon exhale, I was able to feel a decent stone but far from what I was expecting. The bouquet was weak and lacked much flavor, to be honest. As for the stone, after two harsh dabs, I was feeling a mellow stone but far from what I expect for a Sugar Wax or Extract for that matter so all in all, this fell far short.


Overall, the MAC Nug Run Sugar Wax aka Honeycomb wax was a pure dud on all facets. When it came to her taste and pungency, this sample was weak and had a harsh exhale that left mild notes of lemon and earth that were lacking at best. I’ve smoked flowers recently that had better terpenes than this wax so I gave the MAC a score of 6.0/10. In regards to the MAC’s strength and potency, she was mild at best and left me needing something else. I truly did not feel much when it came to relaxation or pain relief so for that reason I gave her a sad score of 5.5/10. This is by far the worst wax I have sampled in the last 1.5+ Years so I would absolutely steer clear if you see this sad sample on the shelf as there are many other options that will surpass this garbage.

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