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Double Motor Boat Live Resin

Double Motor Boat Live Resiin

On my recent trip over the bridge into Portland, Oregon, I was looking for a brand new strain to put a smile on my face as times have been tough all around recently. Within seconds of perusing the shelves at the dispensary, I came across a flavor that caught my attention in the Double Motor Boat aka “Dubble” Motorboat Live Resin from Bobsled Extracts, based out of Oregon, for $20 USD that had my name written all over it. I’d never ever heard of the Double Motor Boat but from what I’ve been able to find, she is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid from Cannarado Genetics that crosses Motorbreath #15 and Sour Dubble to create a strain that is said to be tasty as well as mind-numbing.


I decided to use my Goldstein Fritted Disc bong for this session and upon opening the jar to the Double Motor Boat, I was hit in the face with diesel fumes and a sweet vanilla finish. This gear was pretty to look at as it reminded me of a terpene filled Live Resin as it was very gooey. The Double Motorboat was beyond easy to work with as I was easily able to grab a nice-sized dab and once it made contact with my quartz banger I could instantly feel her fade taking over my entire body. As I exhaled, I was able to taste her delicious gas and creamy notes with gave way to a nice pine finish. After a second dab, I was beyond faded and could feel my chronic pains slowly disappear as I melted into my couch. I was stress-free for the next couple of hours as I ate a whole bag of Chessmen cookies so beware of the munchies.


At the end of the day, the Double Motor Boat Live Resin was all that and then some. In terms of her strength and potency, the Double Motorboat provided a wonderful fade that wasn’t too devastating but still kept me ripped so I gave it a score of 9.0/10. When it came to the Double Motor Boat’s taste and pungency, she provided a delicious bouquet of thick gas with an earthy cream finish that lasted on the palate for quite a while so I gave her a score of 9.2/10. Overall, the Double Motor Boat was more than I could hope for and just an overall wonderful sample that I highly recommend to all of you.

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