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Blue Hawaiian Rocks & Sauce Review

Blue Hawaiian Rocks & Sauce

I was combing the shelves at my local dispensary the other day looking for a new Sativa to tickle the palate as I’ve been walking a lot more dogs recently. I’ve been utilizing the energy of Sativa’s to help with the work of walking these amazing creatures around town. Within a few minutes of perusing the offerings, I came across an interesting flavor in the Blue Hawaiian Rocks & Sauce from Portland Extracts, based out of the Rose City for $24 USD a gram. To give you a little strain lineage background, the Blue Hawaiian is a Sativa Dominant (70/30) hybrid that crosses Hawaiian Kona and Blueberry that is said to be a delicious as well as energizing Sativa that creates wonderful memories of the islands.
I decided to use my Mobius Stereo Matrix bubbler for this session and as soon as I opened the jar to the Blue Hawaiian Rocks & Sauce, I could smell heavy notes of pine and lemons with a hint of cherries. In terms of consistency, this gear was saucy and full of beautiful amber THC stones, which made it beyond easy to work with and gorgeous to look at. I grabbed a nice dab with my nail and as soon as it made contact with the quartz banger I was instantly tasting the deep citrus tones and as I exhaled I was able to feel the stone directly in my forehead. I was stoned right away and could totally feel the energy of this Sativa throughout my body. The Blue Hawaiian was heavy but didn’t make my mind race so I was digging the vibe on this stone. This resin was able to give me the energy I needed while still helping to take my pains away so I was able to do my dog walks like a breeze.


At the end of the day, I absolutely loved the Blue Hawaiian Rocks & Sauce. When it came to her taste and pungency, the Blue Hawaiian had wonderful hints of pine trees, sweet oranges with hints of candied berries. I totally felt like I was on an island cruise with all the wonderful smells. The taste was wonderful and stayed on my palate well after exhale so I gave the Blue Hawaiian Rocks and Sauce a score of 9.5/10. In terms of her strength and potency, I adored the Blue Hawaiian especially for the great Sativa energy it provided so for that reason I gave her a score of 9.4/10. I truly enjoyed everything about the Blue Hawaiian and I highly recommend it for anyone who is lucky enough to find it as she was perfect for an afternoon walk, literally.

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