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Angel Cake Live Resin Review

Angel Cake Live Resin

So I took a trip into Portland, Oregon the other day to see if I could find something special and boy did we ever. On my first visit to Virtue Supply Co. located in Downtown PDX, I was able to find a strain I’d been hearing amazing things about in the Angel Cake Live Resin from Beehive Extracts in collaboration with Pacific Grove, both out of Portland, for $30 a gram. To give you a little strain lineage background, the Angel Cake is an Indica-Dominant cross of Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) X Fire OG Kush and the results are said to be breathtaking.
I decided to go with my Toro Glass Bubbler for this session and upon opening the jar, I was smacked in the face with heavy notes of Cookies and Lemons. As for the appearance, the Angel Cake was a beautiful light gold mix of THC diamonds and Terpene rich sauce. As I dug my nail into the Live Resin, I could tell this was going to be a tasty girl as her scent filled the entire room. As soon as my nail hit the quartz banger it was off to LaLa Land as I could taste her heavy sweet gas and lemon notes all over my palate. As I exhaled, I could instantly feel the Angel Cake’s heavy stone as I fought to open my eyes. This was some real deal one-hitter quitter resin as I was stuck in my chair for the next 2 hours completely blasted. This gear was devastating and left me beyond baked. As for my stress and chronic pains, they were completely non-existent as I melted into oblivion. Be warned, the Angel Cake is strong and not for the rookies and will leave you with some monstrous munchies.
Overall, the Angel Cake Live Resin was Cup level gear that put a massive smile on my face. When it came to her strength and potency, the Angel Cake was a narcotic fade that put me down so for that reason I gave her a score of 9.5/10. In regards to her taste and pungency, the Angel Cake was beyond delicious as her heavy Lemon and Gassy Cookies played music on my tongue so I gave her a score of 9.7/10. The Angel Cake was up there with any extract that I’ve sampled this year, so if you happen to see it in your neck of the woods, do not hesitate to grab her as she is super.

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