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Drink cannabis in your Keurig and more

Cannabis consumers are demanding more enjoyable and exciting ways of getting high. And it’s big business for food and beverage distributors, according to Forbes, investments in cannabis nearly quadrupled in 2018. We’ve already examined trends inorganic and single-origin, artisanal cannabis, it follows that the next step on is gourmet edibles and drink-ables.

Making your own cannabis tea or cannabis-infused cocktails is one option but for those who are a little less kitchen-savvy cannabis brew pods are the answer. BrewBudz, created by cannabis company Cannabiniers, are a single-use coffee and cannabis flower pod that can perk up your morning routine. Although they’re not endorsed by Keurig, these cannabis-coffee pods fit in the single-serve coffee machine – the K-Cup® and K-Cup® 2.0 style brewers to be exact. 

Brewbudz are made with whole cannabis flower instead of THC and CBD oils or extracts, using a “patented extraction process” that promises to extract the flavor and caffeine from coffee as well as the THC and/or CBD from the cannabis. 

Choose from regular or decaf coffee paired with sativa strains or teas and hot chocolate paired with indica strains. Sativa-dominant strains of cannabis are thought to be more energizing and better for focusing while indica-heavy strains are associated with relaxation. THC dosages are available in 10mg, 25mg, or 50mg per pod. For reference, Colorado state law defines a “serving” of cannabis as 10mg so a 50mg cup of THC-laced coffee is probably more than the average person can handle at 8 a.m. 

Unlike K-cups, Brewbudz are made with biodegradable packaging. According to the company website, pods are made from bio-based mesh, skins of roasted coffee beans, and other organic materials instead of plastic. Each $7 pod is available at dispensaries in Nevada, no word on their California distribution yet. 

Despite the buzz around Brewbudz cannabis-coffee, the idea of putting weed in coffee is not new. Catapult, an infused coffee packaged in K-cups, debuted at a 2015 cannabis conference in Colorado. These knock-off K-cups are available for sale at The Gallery, a dispensary in Tacoma, Washington for $37-39 for a pack of 6. 

No Keurig? Not a problem. San Francisco coffee roaster, Somatik, offers both CBD and THC-infused cold brew coffee. Somatik’s THC coffee comes in a 4oz bottle and contains 10mg of THC. It’s best served chilled, over iced or mixed with your favorite milk. Drink it straight up or mix with un-infused coffee to moderate your dosage. For a more potent brew, try Soamtik’s High Potency blend which has a whopping 80mg of THC per bottle or 10mg per ounce. 

For a more relaxing option, try the CBD-infused coffee with has a 5mg-to-5mg ratio of THC-to-CBD. Somatik describes this coffee blend as a more sativa-leaning option perfect for a chill afternoon or weekend. 

Despite the buzz about coffee and cannabis products, the research on how caffeine and THC interact when mixed. Caffeine is a stimulant while cannabis can either be a stimulant or depressant, so they could combine to make the high more potent or potentially cancel each other out. Curious? Start with a low does of THC and your favorite cold brew. 

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